Define -i'm Meaning

I'm In
"I'm in" is an alternate form of "count me in" which means "include me"

- I'm feeling hungry, so I'm going to order pizza. Who's in?

- I'm in
By Jacklyn
I'm In.
A word used by side-acting hackers in movies when they have access to the mainframe.

Nothing can stop them now.

*vigorously types into the CMD prompt with green text color then presses enter*

I'm in.

I'm in the mainframe.
By Nicole
When you are so in shock and don't know what to say

I got a 42 on my midterm i'm-
By Raine
I'm On It
A phrase used by an individual in a group suddenly determined to resolve a task or meaningless puzzle (that the others are too lazy to accomplish), usually in attempt to glorify their image or make them feel valuable to that group.

Girl1: "I wonder what time (movie) is playing tonight..."
Girl2: "We should check the showings."
Guy, trying to impress girls: "I'm on it." *pulls out smartphone and uses movie times app
By Minne
a response when you dont know what to say but you still want to respond

person 1:"I just tripped over a ketchup bottle."
By Glynis
I'm Not
When there's killing outside of your house and your not a part of it.

By Renee
When you're so shook, you don't even have words. So you just say "im". When in doubt, when you can't express yourself or find the word, just say I'm

You're so cute I'm

This is so fun I'm

You're so dumb I'm
By Audrey
I'm Not There
A film inspired by Bob Dylan's life.
The film jumps back and forth among six Dylan-esque characters each played by a different actor. Jude Quinn, the character most representative of Dylan's life in the mid- 60's is played by Cate Blanchett. This film contains many obvious and subtle references to Dylan's life and career.

Joshua: I had very little idea what was going on.
Lily: Like that time you saw I'm Not There.
By Janine
I'm On

Friend: Damn fool I'm on.
You: Cool what you smoke?
Friend: Purp yeaaaah
By Stephani
I'm In

Keisha: "We're doing some trail improvement work on the south slope this Saturday at 8:30 AM—will you help?"
Samara: "I'm in."
By Kali