Define 120 Meaning

120 is an elite, nerdy way of saying "LOL!" See 5.

LOL means "Laughing out loud" and is a common acronym used in chatting everywhere.

LOL (or lol), written in 1337 is 101.
101 in binary is equal to 5 in decimal.
The factorial of five (5!) is 120.

So, the factorial of LOL (5) is 120. LOL! = 120

You have a 56k dial-up modem? Hahaha! 120
By Karon
Can be used in any positive way. If something is 120 it is the greatest thing ever. If someone is 120 they are better than the best. If you did something 120 then you couldn't have done it better. It can be used as encouragement; if someone is doubting themselves you can say hey 120, you got this. Basically it is a noun verb adjective adverb and anything else meaning the best.

I can't believe you just climbed mount Everest without any help. Thats so 120.

Jessica said the funniest thing the other day. She is 120.
Sam: "Ugh I can't run another mile." Me: "Yes you can dude, 120!"
By Rosalinda
Where someone is located.
Their present location (PL)
Geograhically situated. Coordinates.

The number (1) references 'myself', 'my', or ' me' (currently/presently/right now).
The number (2) refers to the (two) lines of latitude and longitude that intersect and create axis.(north/south, east/west).
The number (0) references the point/circle/origin at the centre of axis.

Me: What's your 120?
They: What's 120 mean?
Me: Where are you? Where are you located? What are your coordinates?
Them: I'm at the Boston Pizza on the corner of yadda yadda and...
...Hold me a seat!
By Sydel
A person in the upper echelon of the dominance hierarchy of an irrelevant or niche field and that gives them a disproportionate sense of superiority

Bloke is such a 120, who cares mate...
By Ruthe
1. A time period in which someone is placed in segregation for a long amount of time. (DSU, The Hole). Usually for a major offense. It equates to 4 months.

Other common sentences are 90 & 180 (which is usually followed with a stint in IMU)

I had my hearing today and got a 120 for that fight I had last week in the chow hall.
By Kyla
1 Love (God)
2 Fingers (Peace)
0 Worries

By Dyana
120, as cool as you can get!!

"Nice trainers!!, theyre so 120!!"
By Mil
When 100% just isn't enough, you gotta crank it up and pull out all the stops. Typically seen in robot animes where the main character or characters pull together and kick the villains ass by defying the impossible and blasting them to smithereens.

Usually accompanied by hot-blooded yelling.

Energy charge at 120%! One-Shot Kill! Tronium Cannon! Take this!
By Bernadene
Smoking 120
The act of smoking a 120mm cigarette. Something every woman should be doing.

Abby is a real woman, she her smoking 120s?
By Harlene
Ad 120
What someone might say to someone whose birthday is that day (usually on their Facebook wall).

It simply means that the person saying it wishes the birthday boy/girl a long & happy life.

Not to be mistaken with "add 120".

By Karna