Define 13 Meaning

I Love you... ❤️

By Theodosia
13 is the average number of hours a day

we close our eyes
and think about
someone we Love. ❤️


By Abbie
finally considered a teenager and knows all the perverted jokes of the world

woah congrats duude your finally 13
By Emilee
A number commonly known for superstitious beliefs about it being unlucky. Originally it was a holy number, but somewhere along the way it was hijacked and portrayed as unlucky. Fear of this number is called triskaidekaphobia.

By Katuscha
Thirteen stands for M, the thirteenth letter of the alphabet. M is for Mexican Mafia. Any real Mexican gang that lives in S. California starding from Bakersfield and down all the way to San Diego should be affiliated with 13.

Mexican Gangster: Hey homie you bang!
Some fake gangster: No I dont please dont kill me!
By Shae
The most annoying age for any teenager, when s/he is stuck in the awkward first year of being an adolescent.

When Sally turned 13, she felt like she was a different person.
By Inessa
used by sur13...or the surenos a gang originaly frum southern spanish the thirteenth letter iz "m" and in gangland it standz for "mexican mafia" .thirteen iz used in many latino gangs...ms13..s13...m13..ect.comonly worn on gang clothing or jerseys ect..writen old english style.

that muthafucka iz frum cali..he wuz in Sur 13.
By Alisa
Further to the definition referencing M for Marijuana, this originated from the Hell's Angels, who would have a 13 sown/drawn on their denim jackets if they smoked weed.

By Carma
the most entertaining musical ever! music writen by genious, Jason Robert Brown.

About a 12 year old boy moveing to Indiana from New York. He has to deal with fitting in and makeing friends in time for "that one day in october," his Bar Mitzvah, "the event that defines you; the jewish super bowl."
Original Broadway Cast:
Graham Phillips, Allie Trimm, Aaron Simon Gross, Delaney Moro, Elizabeth Gillies, Eric Nelson, Ariana Grande, Eamon Foley, Caitlin Gann, Al Calderon, Brynn Williams, Joey LaVarco, Malik Hammond

person 1-OMG did you see 13??
person 2-yeah! i loved it!
person 3-what's that?
people 1 and 2- GO SEE IT!!!
By Brynne
The age which means in Japan you can legally do the do, in America means you know all the dirty teen secrets, and in my mind means another 5 years of torture until you're free to buy a place to live, a car, delete your parents phone numbers, and actually have a life. Oh how much time there is to go. It is also considered an unlucky number for no good reason and is actually a quite nice number. I associate 13 with a sense of balance, as by turning the three once clockwise and putting it on the one, it creates a balance thing. That is all.

KidinJapan1: "Hey I just turned 13"
KidinJapan2: "so are you gonna bang someone or not?"
KidinJapan1: *long pause*

Kidinamerica1: I'm 13!
Kidinamerica2: so tell me what do you think about Mia Khalifa?
Kidinamerica1: *long pause*

Me: I'm 13. Another 5 years to go. Hooray, I survived 13 years so far in this cruel world!
By Rozina