Define 2010 Meaning

The year we will be able to pronounce "twenty ten" and it will seem kind of like the future.

its gonna be wild
By Brynne
The year that the Iraq war ended, Winter Olympics were hosted in Vancouver, The Saints won the Super Bowl, The Giants won the World Series, The Economy started to improve, A huge earthquake occured in Haiti, Popular movies were Toy Story 3 and Inception, Avatar reached groundbreaking cinema records, Gary Coleman, Corey Haim, and Dennis Hopper died and The president of Poland dies in a plane crash in Western Russia, Thirty Three Chilian Miners were trapped underground for 69 days and later rescued, Earthquake in Chili and Indonesia killed 1200 people combined, Katy Perry, Kesha, Justin Bieber, Eminem, and Rihanna are at the top of the charts, and Call of Duty: Black Ops and Halo Reach were released and reached record sales,

2010 overall a pretty great year
By Reeta
Nine years after 2001.

The year we make contact.
By Gianina
-2010 years after the supposed birth of Jesus.

-10 years after Y2K, which obviously didn't happen.

-2 years before 2012, which won't happen either, go look at for a complete explanation of why your a moron for ever believing the crazy lunatic on the side of the road that told you about it...

-First full year with a new president.

-Winter Olympics

-Nasa is gonna boot all space shuttles and switch to Ares launch vehicles

-GM is gonna release an electric car that will probably get like 10 miles a JIGGAWATT

-4 more halo games will probably come out

-People still think 2pac is coming back...but no he got shot BADDD, point blank by an uzi or something....nigga died real quick..

-Iraq(holy) war will continue, terrorists will not win...they have rpg's and ak's, but US has tanks and artillery and ICBMS and jets and alot of crap which would have killed all the insurgents by now but all the troops are just idling and patroling every day and the terrorists are using guerilla warfare which is pretty good...If i was the commander I would have performed a Blitzkrieg a long time ago.

-shoulda never brought the comaro back...should have been the firebird...

-have a break through in medicine and get a full swine flu cure then they'll discover some crap like whale flu or
anteater flu...

-hopefully hannah montana stops taking those photos of herself cause ya'know they sucks and hopefully she finds out or ima have to setup an intervention...o, and she needs to get off TV.

Person 1 = Happy 2010

Person 2 = ok...

person 1 = ...
By Tammara
Year of disasters.

Haiti Earthquake, mine accidents, Chile Earthquake, Polish plane crash in Russia, Pakistan floods, more earthquakes, more floods, 2010.
By Yalonda
The whole number after 2009 but before 2011
The tenth year after the world was supposed to end
The year all those eyeglass makers will be SOL because the second 0 will be a 1

Pair of 2008 glasses -2008-
Pair of 2010 glasses -2010-
By Karry
Winter Olyimpics held in Vancouver in the year 2010.

Stupid idea on BC's part.

Yay the olympics are in Vancouver in 2010.

2010 I am heading to Vancouver for the olympics!
By Lottie
A hell of a good year. Went pretty fast, but was memorable.
Earthquakes, incredible snow storms, the Saints won the Super Bowl (who would of thunk it), Lindsay Lohan went to jail (3 TIMES), Spain won the world cup, the summer got record high temperatures, and I FINALLY GRADUATED.

2010, what a ride...
By Jeannette
The year of the threesome. The 0's represent vaginas and the 1 represents a cock. The 2 just stands around awkwardly every year.

How was that party last night?
It was awesome, we had a 2010!
By Cindy
Will be one kickass year. It will be one of the best years in recent memories and it will be the eye of the storm before 2011 and 2012. I think things are going to get a little queasy during 2011 and of course, 2012 will be close Armageddon, but not the end times. We will survive 2012.

Willl be the best year since 2007 and it will be a lot like the carefree times of 2004 and 2005. Maybe the health care industry might go down the tubes in 2010 if Obamacare was passed or we won't get some big fat terrorist attack, which will unlikely happen imo but for the rest...the usual hurricane and dead Pope type stuff like 05. Nothing really to worry about.

2010 for sure will pwn 2009s ass. Celebrity deaths, wannabe terriorists, and swine flu. I have enough.
By Lurette