Define 2x4 Meaning

A piece of wood sizable enough to strike somebody down. Normally presented in inches

while bill was asleep in his chair I beat him down with my 2x4
By Trudy
The most common piece of wood used in building construction. Somewhat confusing to the uninitiated because it does not measure 2" X 4". Up until the 1970's it measured 1-5/8" X 3-5/8" thereafter it measures 1-1/2" X 3-1/2" The length can be anything up to about 20 feet.

This house is 50 years old so it's made with real 2X4's (the slightly larger variety in use at the time, not the skinny ones of today).
By Maxy
A song off Load, a Metallica CD released in 1996.

By Thomasa

Guy 1:Yo, you see that girl? She finna hot
Guy 2:What do you mean, she's a fucking 2x4
By Mavis
Another term used for a 24oz beer, see also Fence Post}

Say (Name), you always roll up to the party with the 2x4 in the paper bag.
By Gerhardine
A term used to describe the stupidity of Americans. commonly used by Poles or Polaks.

those 2x4s are so stupid.
By Trix
Canadian term, a twenty four pack of beer.

Hey, don't forget to pick up a 2x4 on the way to the party.
By Adrianna
A 2x4 means slapping people with your penis while erect and ejaculating

Jamie: I'm gonna hit you with my 2x4.
Jess: Yes, oh yes!
By Nolie
Morning 2X4
An extreme case of morning wood, where the guy wakes up in the middle of a wet dream and didn't dream climax. Resulting in waking up with blue balls and an urge to fuck the nearest thing in sight.

Tedd: Man today was a rough morning.. Byron: Why? Tedd: I woke up with morning 2X4 today. Byron: Owch, must've sucked Tedd: Yeah. Good thing Shannon was there to relieve me.
By Shina
Rusty 2x4
A gang bang situation involving four men, two women, and two simultaneous instances of double anal. Think of it as a possible byproduct of DVDA after adding one more chick.

Dude, why is Sandra walking with a limp?

She totally did a rusty 2x4 last night. Her asshole must hurt more than the stomach of a starving African that just ate a 5 course Thanksgiving dinner.
By Dora