Define A Bitch Meaning

A Bitch
paybacks a bitch danielle .

someone using you as a backup bestfriend.
your such a bitch .
grow some .
By Bill
A Bitch

who is a bitch? Yo mama.
By Diannne
A Bitch
A woman who would do anything for some dick.

Funny shit I got a bitch to drive all the way down from Utah to come meet me so that she can get some of my DNA.
By Guglielma
A Bitch
Nobody likes Zidy because he is a bitch.

Zidy is a bitch. All he does is bitch about being a bitch.
By Willi
Bitches Is Bitches Is Bitches
This saying does not have a specific deffinition but can be used whenever a bitch is bein a bitch. if shes doin somethin that pisses u off confuses u or just annoys the fuck out of u it works.

Mike- This bitch is fuckin playin games bro.

Danny- Bitches piss me off dawg but fuckit. Bitches is bitches is bitches

Mike- FUCK ya
By Amara
Bitches Be Bitches
A phrase to describe a girl when she's doing what girls do, such as fucking with a guy's head.

Person 1: This bitch keeps talking to me, but I have no clue what she means.

Person 2: That happened to me too! Bitches Be Bitches!
By Allyn
Bitch's Bitch
Usually referring to a female, who is at the top of the food chain of bitches. worst bitch u could ever find. worst worst ever. usually very hypocritical and self-righteous, the kind u wanna hit but cant if you're a guy.

Jana's being such a bitch's bitch (BB) today..u so wanna DT her!
By Giustina
Bitches Bitch
A low life male with the lowest of confidence in the male kingom. His confidence is so low that he's able to become the bitch of a beta male.

Jones is such a pussy, he will kiss ass to get anything he wants. Thats a real bitches bitch.
By Fredia
In This Bitch
A slang term for 'in this place'.

Yo dude, is there any more beers up in this bitch?
By Juieta
one of the most versatile words in the english language; it is used to express a multitude of emotions; anger, anticipation, despair, endearment, envy, excitement, fear, horror, joy, shock, surprise, warning; all achieved by one's enunciation and intonation.

Endearment: Hey bitch!
Joy: Oh my god, bitch!
Anticipation: Bitch, guess what?
Shock/Pain: Stubs toe Ah, bitch!
Envy: She's SUCH a BITCH.
Fear: Bitch. What was that noise?
Surprise: BITCH!
Warning: Bitch. Don't try me.
Despair: Biiiitch.
By Veradis