Define A Dumb Meaning

A Dumb
Someone who is dumb.
See idiot and moron

1: "Look at Lloyd. What a dumb."
2: "Quit acting like a dumb!"
3: "You're such a dumb."
By Bell
A Dumb
a nicer way of saying "stupid dumb fuck degenerate asshole faggot"

a dumb has multiple meanings though

dumbass:i believe that earth is flat and all of NASA's shit is forced by the Illuminati

genius:shut the fuck up you are a dumb
By Zitella
Dumb Dumb
a common term used when someone is being stupid or idiotic... or just dumb, made into a noun. (c)amanda ryyla

By Meris
Dumb Dumb
Certain people who portray a level of retardedness vastly greater than the general populous.

"Hey SSgt! YOU'RE A DUMB DUMB!" (Candido)
By Nicolina
Dumb Dumb
A common term for someone acting in a stupid manner.

"YuB is being a dumb dumb"
By Lanna

Audrey told what to the cops? That bitch is dumb-dumb.
By Celina
The Dumb
A terrible disease that makes you unable to brain.

I can't brain today...I have The Dumb
By Martita
If you don't know what this means then you are.

By Lucilia
Somebody who cheats on their wife with a prostitute in Nevada.

Dumb cheated on his wife with a prostitute in Nevada.
By Libbie
This occurs when you have an altercation with someone who’s extremely stupid.

I had been told Millie wasn’t that bright. But I didn’t have my first dumb-in with her until last week when she tried to open a checking account without proper funds.
By Ibbie