Define A Dumbass Meaning

A non communicable disease that tends to affect young adults but may be noticed in older individuals who continue to be carriers for many years to come.

It was out of sheer dumbassness that he opted to get drunk and get into an arguement with a cop...
By Ricky
if u searched this up, u r a dumbass.

By Ianthe
the act or action of being a dumbass within the presence of those who do not appreciate such behavior; a belief that donkey behavioral habits are polite in social meetings.

DA chat rooms ban members for dumbassism
By Ludovika
someone who is dumb and has an ass

By Maible
a person/animal/other organism that does actions/things that are unfavorable and seen by others as stupid, it's also an insult to a person who is pea-brained.

bosco:10+10 is not twenty it don't have ten in it!
Damien: bosco u fucking dumbass it doesn't need to have that to be twenty
Ben:seriously bosco, did you skip 1st grade or something?
By Anastasie

1. Someone who attempts to be a smartass but is too dumb to actually succeed.

2. Someone who holds a stupid, illegitimate or completely baseless opinion with a perplexing amount of self-righteousness.

Guy 1: I think it might be time to have that compound fracture looked at by a doctor dude.
Guy 2: Nah the problem would get compounded Lol
Guy 1: WTF? You are such a dumbass.

Guy 3: Hostel is the best movie that was ever made ever!
Guy 4: Oh my god what a dumbass...
By Rahel
A criminal offense in which a person acts like a dumbass.

Johhny was caught wanking in his car. He will be convicted of dumbassism.
By Kally
A person is both stupid (e.g. dumb) while also stubbornly refusing to stop being stupid when asked (e.g. ass)

I couldn't teach him how to use the paintball gun because he was running around with it between his legs like a dumbass.
By Elvina
A Dumbass

By Ellynn
A great word that is used by Red Foreman from the 70's show on FOX.

Red Foreman: Kitty that foriegn kid is a dumbass
By Terri