Define A Flute Meaning

A Flute

i have my flute want to play some music?
By Myriam
A Flute
A quick way for a fag to show that he is really all about the cock.

"hey fellas, I played my flute like a little school girl for you today now can I please play the skin flute
By Danya
A Flute
The process of resinating a bowl of cannabis through the carburetor.

it's kicked? pass that piece over here i'm gonna flute it.
By Dory
Progectile weapon commonly used by members of various marching bands. The flute is mainly used as a blowgun or a tool to harm members of the low brass section.

Tim: Hey! woodwinds suck brass!!
Lauren: *clobbers Tim with flute*
By Kirstin
This is a universal term used in Baltimore. This could mean scared, pussy, dumb, stupid, anything you can put in front of the term “ass bitch”. A flute is pretty much all of those insults combined and means you’re just an overall Bitch ass nigga.

“Yo you’re a flute ass bitch for that”
By Allison
"A sophisticated pea-shooter with a range up to five hundred hards and deadly accuracy in close quarters. Blown transversely to confuse the enemy, it can be dismantled into three small pieces, for easy concealment."

this all equaling up to a beautiful sounding symphonic band instrument
By Sibelle
A flute is an instument made of siver and produces a tone that is the highest in a band(tonewise that is, although if you don't breathe properly, you get light-headed and start acting funny).

A flutes range varies on the experience of the person playing it.

A flute is concert pitch, which means you don't have to transpose

What a lovely flute you have!
By Zulema
The best instrument in the world. People like to make fun of it for the whole American pie thing and how high it is, but they're really just in awe of its supreme glory! You know that saying, about jealous people? Yeah.

Anyway flutes are generally made out of metal (silver, nickel, gold, platinum, alloys, etc) although Baroque flutes are often made out of wood. Flutes can play lower than most people expect.

Did I mention it's prettyful?

One day, flutes will take over the world. Until then I'll just sit here and cry.
By Dodie
One of the oldest types of instruments known to civilization. It produces sound by vibrating air throughout the length of the instrument. Flutes come in many forms, however, the most popular are end-blown and the transverse. Flutes are made with a variety of materials including wood, bamboo, various metals and even porcelain.

Some types of flutes:
Dizi -China, Transverse
Shakuhachi -Japan, End-blown
Kena -Ande's region, End-blown
Bansuri -India, Transverse

By Krissie
One of the best instruments to ever be played. The people that hate it either listened to some half-assed idiot's attempt at music or are jealous because they know they'll never be cool enough to play it. Can be played solo, in a band or orchestra, small ensemble, or even a rock band such as Jethro Tull. It is a dificult instument that requires many hours of practice but it's all worth it cause when you're good, you're damn good.

Females AND males can play it. And yes, straight males. Some of the best floutists are STRAIGHT males.

So stop hatin on us, 'cause you're just jealous. At least we're not obnoxious like damn trumpeteers.

Yeah, I play the flute. 'Cause I'm awesome unlike you.
By Aveline