Define A Mistake Meaning

A Mistake

By Bonnee
A Mistake

Yo dude you watch jake paul? what a mistake you are.
By Donetta
A Mistake
you,probably you. but also me.

bob:"did you hear timmy was born 9 months after valentine's day?
sally:yeah!that means hes a mistake!
By Viv
A Mistake
the act of having sexual intercoarse, or anything sexual with large woman of any way shape or form. unless both of the parties are the same size. then in that case, have fun!

yo last night i got drunk at that party and had a mistake
By Lauraine

By Joyan
the new bitch playing Rodrick in the new 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' movie.

"That new Rodrick is a mistake!" #notmyrodrick
By Rani
a mistake is sombody who was born by accident, often reffered to as "the broken condom" or "the one night stand."
the mistake is often not liked in the family and will generally do bad in life.

By Ebony
An action that leads to the word, "Oops?"

See fool, sin, error, marriage

I made a tragic mistake.
By Evie
the screwed up things that we do that can't be changed. But we must learn from them cuz we can't undo them .

omg, i made a mistake by not using a condom.
By Estel
The Mistake
The mistake is a man who marries a Karen and we all know that was a mistake it is usually referring to your father if your mom is a Karen

"Ugh the mistake is being a rat atm"

"Plz dont date that Karen you'll become a mistake"
By Costanza