Define A Pussy Meaning

A Pussy
niggas who act like shit over text but won't do shit in person

This nigga Jaidev a pussy, he won't do shit in person.
By Randy
Pussy Is Pussy

This chick has very small pussy lips well hidden inside her outer lips like a peach. It was not actually my favourite type, which is the large outie pendulous pussy like the other girl. But still, a pussy is pussy, no matter how long or short the lips are, they are there to be fucked.
By Anabel
Pussy's Pussy
Way to explain that pussy (i.e.: female vagina, genitals) is the same regardless how good looking the person is, a good looking chick does not have a better vagina just because she is good looking.

I banged that chick last night, she not the best looking chick but pussy's pussy.
By Neda
Pussy On Pussy
The best kind of porn there is!

No men are involved it is just pussy on pussy action.

Guy 1: Hey what kind of porn do you like the most?

Guy 2: Pussy on Pussy

Guy 1: What kind is that?

Guy 2: The best kind out there!
By Bari
Pussy Is Pussy
50 n snoop dog say that in bars...that means it doesnt matter u fuckin a cute faced bitch or ugly one...just fuck .....pussy is pussy it doesnt make diffrance

i just fuck em bitches ..pussy is pussy
By Erena
Pussy To Pussy
when two cats get in a disagreement over the semi skimmed milk

"lets have it out, pussy to pussy, the milk is mine"
By Irina
Something men babies spend 9 months getting out of - and the rest of their lives trying to get back into ...

I gotsta get me inta some PUSSY !!!
By Gabriell
This Pussy
Sweet delectable treat you'd love to eat. The first meal you'd go to on a hot summer day and a cold winter night. A sweet smelling flower with a strong taste of sugar. Not just any pussy. This pussy.

Abby: Jacob I'm hungry :(
Jacob: For what?
Abby: This pussy ;)
By Sonia
Something warm, wet, snuggly and sometimes furry that you can eat and still fuck it afterwords.

The only thing I know that can bleed for seven days and not die.

I ate her pussy and then fucked it.
By Ede
1. Either a regular house cat or any of those other wild kitties. (Tigers, lions, linx, mountain lions...)
2. Part of the woman which acts like a friggen magnet towards a guys penis or the birth canal while the mother is in labor. basically the main reason why we males exist. =P

A guy walks by a girl on a couch with her cat. They start talking:
Girl: hey, do you want to pet my pussy?
Guy: sure, if you get the damn cat out of the way!
By Gert