Define A Ten Meaning

A Ten
a girl so gorgeous that looking at her makes you feel like you just pissed yourself

Stephanie Piening is a ten. My nigga forreal doe, dat ass.
By Emogene
Ten Ten Ten
The tenth month (October) 10, 2010, one day before Canadian Thanksgiving. Mysteriously loved by people all over the internet.

Happy ten ten ten, everybody!
By Jessy
Another way to say 20 and numbers beyond. Based on a Japanese comedy show.

Eighteen, nineteen... ten-ten, ten-ten-one, ten-ten-two
100: ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten-ten
By Barbette
Ten In Ten
A drinking game originating out of Newport Beach in which all participants must attempt to take 10 shots in 10 minutes.

Pete owned all in the Ten in Ten because bogus tricks couldn't keep up!
By Minetta
Ten Ten

want to play some ten ten this afternoon?
By Alla
Ten Ten
straight or right when you posses what another wants or needs

find out if quantae is ten ten on that weed
By Marlene
The greatest person on the planet; Jared’s “sister

Niiiiiiiiiiiccccccee Ten!!
By Mariejeanne
Ten On Ten
An expression used when recieving a pleasant surprise, or when one discovers something that they find remarkable.

Oh, ten on ten, Lynne.
By Bernadene
A Ten
like a girl's a knock out,mad hot,sexy,stunning,fucking hottttttt,

guy1:dude did u see that girl in that car!?
guy2:YEAH she's A Ten! or a 10!
By Ernestine
A beautiful person that would most likely to ruin you bias list.

"Ten is a VERY HAWT guy. Like damn"

"Where's my hair"
By Kaitlyn