Define A Win Meaning

A solution to a conflict which not only benefits both parties involved, but also benefits the mediator for having successfully mediated a conflict. Deemed the most optimal result of a conflict and coined by Michael Scott in the Conflict Resolution episode (twenty-one of season two) of The Office.

Making the poster into a T-shirt and forcing Oscar to wear it was quite a win-win-win solution.
By Marielle
Win And Win
(n) A phrase used to describe the coolness of something; (adj) good, cool, the best

"Your shoes are win."
"You got the tickets? Win and win!"
By Imogen
Something everyone loves and wants to have/achieve.

Person: He is such a Win-win
By Lenore
Win Win
A term a smarmy salesman or manager uses to tell you that both parties have positive outcomes from a situation. This is rarely true. see Enterprise bargaining

So you see here we have a win win deal.

Oh yes of course, you take my old car for nothing, and i pay off this new one for the next 38 years, i am a winner then arent i?
By Brenda
A win-win situation is where all outcomes are desirable.

If you kill him, you'll get respect and the cops won't touch you.

If you don't kill him, someone else will whack that asshole..
By Wendi
Full of win. Anything withholding the properties of success.

Tyler's doomsday2.jpg picture was rather winful.
By Laurie
A term used over internet games. After feeling extremely proud or happy, the person will then type in "*WIN*" and most of the times, add in the happy face "8D."

Faerie: LUL *WIN* 8DDD
By Olva
Will To Win
The ability to do whatever is necessary in life to achieve your goals in life, sports, or any endeavor you undertake. The will to win is a phrase held by only those who truly believe in the will to do something that others believe one cannot do.

person who needs to believe should rely on the will to win
By Mavra
The Win
Being generally awesome. Nifty. Niftaliscious. Using words like: niftaliscious.

(playing disc golf)
p1: "whoah! that was a nice disc you threw!"
p2: "thanks. it was the win."
p1: "agreed wholeheartedly."
By Eloise
Win On
to hook up with or pash, usually involving some random whose name you never got in the first place or can't remember. Can also refer to engaging in some form of carnal knowledge without actually possessing any or very little information regarding your conquest.

Girl 1: "did you win on?"
Girl 2: "yeah...then I hid in the bathrooms all night."

Boy 1: "so I met this girl, and we won on, and I got her digits and tried to call but it was the wrong number."
By Laurene