Define Abby Meaning

an abby is a funny, sassy, and beautiful girl. usually really insecure and doesn't understand how amazing she is. she tries to be friends with everybody, but you wouldnt want her to be in a fight with you, kitty's got claws. she has many friends but doesn't realize it. people line up to talk to her. she hasn't had many relationships but those she have been in have been imporrtant to her .

Guy1: Damn look at that abby! she's gorgeous!
Guy2: Yeah, everybody wants to get with her. too bad she has too much dignity for that.
By Allyn
if you date a abby you are the most lucky guy on earth, she usually has one main friend group but some friends outside of that group. She gives the best advice anyone could ask for and most of the time has brown hair and brown eyes she is super loyal to everyone and has her heart dedicated to one main person she always wants to talk to that one person but sometimes feels annoying when she texts him first and when he text her first almost no matter what it is she gets really happy and HATES being left on open/read and when you do that to her she will get mad. Abbys are always beautiful, pretty, cute, etc. If you were to date an abby like i said before you are hella lucky cause there are so many other guys she couldve gone for but she choose you most of the time abbys are very athletic and into gymnastics, soccer and softball. She has a lot of friends that have betrayed her in the past but most if the time has one friend thats been with her since day one.

Mike: Ouu look at her she must be an abby I kinda wanna go ask her out

Sarah: No, dont do that I heard shes dating Brandon

Mike: Oh darn

Sarah: Omg abby just gave me the best advice

Reagan: We used to be like really close now i dont really like her

Sarah: Oh that sucks shes the best!
By Mariam
Abby hides a lot because she doesn't want people to worry about her but she tells one person EVERYTHING and puts everyone before herself. She's very insecure about her body and what people think about her. She's a VERY emotional girl and is wild and fun around her bestfriends. She might seem shy at first but if you get close to her, you see the monster side of her. She's insane, clingy, loving, beautiful, amazing, smart, funny, and so much more. She cracks up over the littlest things. Abby's usually has blue/grayish eyes and brown/blonde hair. She can be annoying at times and loving at others. She's just amazing. Abby gets annoyed easily.......a little to easily. Get yourself an Abby, you are gonna need her BUT she does not listen to anybody's advice!

I need myself an Abby
By Hilda
A girl who flirts like no other, especially with boys in their chem classes. They love boys who have anything to do with film and cinema and live within their own towns. She especially adores those boys who have initials with the first three letters of the alphabet in them – though not in order. She is a majestic creature who you can often find to spill the tea. While some may perceive her as a wiley snake, she is truly an angel of this earth.

"hey do u know abby"
"omg yeah she flirts with that guy in my chem class!"
By Ketty
sexy hott, every boy loves her. girls want to be friends her, boys want to have her. not the most popular girl in the world though. she's just normal. funny, cute, hott, sexy, big hott lips, tallish, urban, nice, mean to bitches, (can pick things up with toes, and can do unusual things with tongue) not you're average girl.

"Oh my god! That girl is such an Abby!"
By Kameko
used to define a hott, sexy, smart and confident girl, usually with brown curly hair.

damnnn boy that was one sexy abby that winked at us. I bet she's popular, gets good grades, and has high self esteem.
By Shandie
a person who’s very short and will forever be single

person one: do you know abby
person two: the short girl that will be single forever?
By Gayle
abby is the name of a beautiful girl. she will always have your back, and would never talk bad about you. she kind, caring, sweet, and the most amazing girl you’ll ever meet. if you meet an abby, DONT lose her

girl: who’s that?
boy: that’s abby
girl: oh i’ve heard of them, i’m going to go talk to her
By Marie-Ann

doesnt even have to touch you shes that good one look at her and youll instantly jizz your pants. she has the sexual prowess of a ninja and makes you think dam this is like amsterdame ALL OVER AGAIN!

By Ediva
A slang term used for the prescription medication, Adderall.

Yo bro, is Abby at your house?
By Ashlen