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While the term ADD, or attention-deficit disorder, has become increasingly popular among laypersons,
ADHD, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, is the only clinically diagnosed term for disorders characterized by inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity used in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, Fourth Edition.
There are actually three different types of ADHD, each with different symptoms: predominantly inattentive, predominantly hyperactive/impulsive, and combined.

Some professionals use the term ADD to refer to the predominantly inattentive type of ADHD.
By Jolyn
ADD means attention deficit disorder it really sucks... even though it is kinda fun yelling stuff out randomly when i don't take my meds... well anywho it pretty much is where you cannot focus on tasks and really would rather draw on everything or whatever than listen to a teacher talk about random school crap i would know the teacher VIDEO TAPED me in second grade saying i was messed up and never payed attention to her then i got sent to a psyciatrist who thought i was like 3 when i was like 7 and then got sent to the psyco docter i have now who says if i ever look like a goth he'll kick me out hes like crazy and he keeps trying to get me entirely off ADD meds because he said it should be gone by now but isnt and on my medicine file in the nurses office at school it says adhd but i don't and now i'm rambling and in conclusin when you have add you have to take a shitload of medicine and all my friends with ADD don't need medicine anymore but i still do oh and i guess if you have it when youre little its supposed to go away eventually but mines not and its not just people trying to get attension theres people (like me) with a serious problem with focusing i almost failed second grade because i was always distracted!!!!!! so those who just say oh i have add when you don't thats making fun of the people who really have add and i would just tell off everyone around me who does that but the crazy doctor gave me all this medicine and it totally destroys my personality and makes me unhappy and boring and i never talk it SUCKS to have ADD you don't want it so don't joke about having it and the medicine keeps you up all night

me in second grade
me thinking: why is there a video camera in the classroom?
miss detrez(evil):bridget stop staring at the camera and do your work
a week later
miss detrez at parent/teacher meeting: i video taped bridget heres the video tape she obviously has a problem she should go see somebody about it
at the psyciatrist
crazy psyciatrist with more problems than me: lets watch this video
after the video
psyciatrist: she has ADD i suggest you go to this doctor
at the doctors office
doctor: she should take lots of medicine!!!!!
me:don't i get a say in any of this....ooh it's a doctor suess book!
everybody: NO YOU DON'T GET A SAY IN THIS!!!!!!
By Kelly
Having attention deficit problems is not too bad. I have learned to work around the whooooossshhhhh tornados are wickeddddd UH OH!

ADD means attention def...oooohhh a butterfly
By Arleyne
add (Attention-Deficit disorder) is a highly contagious disease that you can get from a public toilet seat or butt sex. Symptoms; Failing to pay close attention to details, Forgetfulness, the random yalling of "Wauuuuuuuu!", Fidgeting, Leaving seat often, and Answering a question before they are finished

"don't give Ryu that chainsaw he has mad crazy add"
By Ronica
To be placed on someone's "myspace" friends list, this honor is usually followed up with a posting to said person's (or entity's) "friends comments" slot.

Hey, thanks for the add... Tom is no longer my only friend on myspace.
By Birdie
A crutch created by psychologists and used by American parents and teachers to avoid telling a child that he or she is a moron.

But, if there are no stupid kids, where do all the dumbass adults come from?

It's okay Eric, you got four F's on your report card because you have add, not because you're a fucking dummy.
By Lori
add refers to attention deficite disorder.

nathaniel has add like a motha fucka. he just threw that fuckin milk at me and then yelled at me. he must be bipolar to.
By Johannah
A made up disease for your Fucked Up kids!!!!!

normal kid:"hey, i dont want to do any school work, I think I have ADD!!!"
By Hulda
Add It

By Maria
Add It
A button that when pressed, creates a paradox that crash the whole dictionary

Thanos shriveled the timestone into pieces because the "add it" button created better paradoxes
By Delila