Define Ages Meaning

Used to describe a very long period of time.

"Man I haven't seen that cunt for ages."
"...It happened ages ago."
"I was waiting out the front of his house for ages."

By Robbyn
A term referring to an extended period or 'era' The Dark Ages, The Middle Ages etc. Implies a span of a couple hundred years at the least. Often Used as a way of exaggerating a period of time by certain dramatic individuals.

"i haven't spoken to you in ages!"
"i sent that text ages ago!"
By Fionna
Ag Ag Ag
that one laugh that people do, but they're not really laughing.

kinda awkward.

By Emeline
AG or "aggressive"... a thug gay girl that looks and dresses like a guy. a tomboy.

By Glory
The slag that the Lord and Savior Gavin has told us

"yo I just got aged'
By Madella
agness is such an amazing person. she loves to eat food and shop and spend 122$

brohspeh- omg is that agness

dudesphep-yea i heard she spend 122$
By Carolan
Short for aggravated

Shanika was agged that her weave didn't look right.
By Jacquie
A suffix added to a word to emphasize it, especially to refer to an abstraction of it. eg. grub (for food) becomes grubbage (the essence or concept of food)
Almost universally transforms to a non-count noun (you get a link cable, or some linkage, but not a linkage)

Yo, let's go score some grubbage, eh?

What kind of linkage do you have between these boxen?
By Annie
A girl who is a complete angel. She is beautiful in every way, shape or form. She is caring and is nice to everyone. She is the sweetest girl that you will ever meet in your life. She’s a bit shy, but once you get to know her she is amazing. She laughs a lot, is very smart and is always there for you no matter what. She loves everyone and she’s a goddess overall. She does have a side to her that’s a bit unusual, but in a funny way. She will help you if you need it, she will make you laugh if you’re upset and she will do anything possible for you to put a smile on your face. She doesn’t deal with people who are fake or unloyal to her because they don’t deserve her. She may get in drama every now and then, but she’s always unbothered by it. Everyone deserves someone like her, except for those who chose to be fake.

“That girl is so sweet. She knew I was having a bad day and tried to make me laugh and smile in every way she could. She is such an Agness.
By Meriel
Runescape member's item "Armadyl Godsword". Considered the best Godsword of all 4.

By Michele