Define Agitated Meaning


I am so agitated because I am not getting any.
By Ana
When you're pissed and want to do something about it. (Agitated + Confrontational = Agitational)

Beatrice called an agitational Judith a filthy skank; Judith wanted to curb-stomp Beatrice's punk-ass.
By Lenee
n. The state of being irritated, frustrated, annoyed, or moody.

Being continuously bothered by someone who asks blatantly obvious questions which they should know the answer to is agitation
By Saidee
You were doing the tik tok trend of removing the first and last letter of your name but with Naggy-toe

By Sonja
1.A word that describes a person that is doing undesirable activities on a back pack such as pooing (Agitating)

2. To get angry (Agitated)at another person for doing absolutely nothing

She Agitate In A toilet {Example 1}

Some one Agitated at me for doing nothing (online/verbal) {Example 2}

(Pass Tense Future Tense)

He Agitated She Agitated We Agitated We are Agitating He/She is Agitating We/She/He Agitated
By Hyacinthia
1.) feeling or appearing troubled or nervous

2.) stir or disturb (something, especially a liquid) briskly

Agitating over such a normal sexual desire is curious
By Jacquie
A person who shares a house, apartment, dorm, or room with others and is by nature opposed to domestic tranquility. He or she demonstrates a compulsive need to disturb the peace by pissing other people off. This is usually because he or she derives pleasure from sowing discord or just messing with someone's head. As a result, this kind of person will frequently target easily goaded individuals, and the pussy-bitch is its natural prey. This person is sometimes referred to as a dick or douche.

David: What was all that yelling about?
Aidan: Matt was bitching at me for not bolting the front door when it's dark out. I told him I would do it, but I also said that he was a pussy-bitch for wanting me to do it. The one lock works just as well.
David: Your a God damn agitator! If you were going to bolt the door why did you have to rile him up like that?
Aidan: I had to...I really enjoy pissing him off.
David: Fucking agitator...You're a bitch.
Aidan: Whore...
By Terra
An Agent of Agitation, someone who lives to agitate and be agitated

Agitant Callum Dodd
By Nelie

By Marjy
The Agitator
When fisting a butthole, force you whole fist in and open your hand, and hen wiggling your fingers.

She pissed me off, so i gave that bitch the agitator.
By Carol