Define Aint Meaning

1. a combination of the words are not.
2. a combination of the words am not.

1. You aint going.
2. I aint going.
By Corene
Is not.

Ain't ain't a word and you ain't spose to use it.
By Mirabella
is not are not do not does not have not has not will not

i aint gonna cook the dinner.
this chick aint look nice.
By Dorothee
a word meaning hell no i will not do it damnit. or i am not

I aint yo bitch so nigga leave me alone cause i aint gonna go get yo money.
By Noni
A word for a Kentucky Person say are not.

This Aint right.
By Merilyn
something retards from pittsburgh like to say, specifically white-trash

No, I aint gonna wash my hair
By Dorrie
Chiefly American Colloquial Contraction

A single word that is equivalent to other words such as:
1) Am not
2) Are not
3) Is not

==> Most likely originated in the Southern States of America as it flows easily with their accent but has now been used in many places around the world.

"I aint going."
"We aint going."
"He aint going."
By Bellanca
Aint It
another way of saying something is right or messed up!

thats messed up? aint it
By Daisi
A word used as a short form of am not, is not, or anywhere else you have heard it.

I aint lying to you, i swear!!
By Sharona
This Aint That
Commonly used by middle school girls living in Northwest Indiana. Meaning that you dont know what youre talking about. If a male uses it it is a fighting word.

You need to shut up because this aint that
By Jacinda