Define Albert Meaning

a hot sexy dude a little overwight

that kinda fat guy must be a albert because he looks sexy
By Tiena
a child with an abnormal facial positions and loves to annoy people and likes to sneak out to get head from a blonde cheerleader late in the night after smoking bowls upon bowls of marijuana.

"that guy is such an albert."
By Willamina
albert - a large sloth like creature that can sleep for weeks at a time. the albert is also the only mamal that has adapted to eating in its sleep .... harmless unless disturbed while eaten... if attacked by an albert your best chance of survival is to tip it over.

a large gassy fart escaped from the albert

the albert said "im stervin"

the albert fair wanted a bite o the manas bum

By Mandie
1. someone i can read like a book
2. someone who LOVES face rubbing sessions.
3. a true FONDLERRR
4. a sweet person i would love to have in my life.

prince charming is just like an albert.
ok, i lied ;
By Ardyce
a cool name for a cool guy. a very common name for someone from massachussetts. the sad part though is this name usually means the person doesnt have a lot of friends.

By Patrice
An ignorant baboon that is stubborn as a mule. Originally, the word albert was a name, but it has now become a definition of a person who criticizes everyone, but does not realize his own gaping flaws.

An albert has it periods twice every four days, whether male or female, and generally picks fights when in this stage

chad - stop being such an albert!

Richard - you are such an albert! don't you realize nobody has ever confirmed what you say about yourself?
By Vilhelmina
an autistic spack with no sense of direction and who doesn't have a penis, found in Indonesia making products, spazmoid, albert is not a name

your such an albert
By Harriot
albert is literally the fattest piece of shit you will ever see. lives in his mom's basement with an Xbox 360 and a short redhead like a little bitch. He sits around eating Cheetos and diet coke while yelling into his 3$ earbuds at the enemy. calling them nerds and n****rs and other slurs.

Dude that Albert kid smells so bad!
By Corenda
being led on and pursued by someone who ends up bailing on you last minute

"She set up a time for a date then just flaked. smh i got alberted"
"He asked me out then rescinded his offer. Did I just get alberted?"
"I really like this guy and I think he might like me, but i'm not sure and i dont wanna get alberted"
By Odessa

By Roda