Define Alena Meaning

The famous Jazz Princess from Maine. She has a special power to seduce any kind of men or women. She is known to have many jazz suitors and they are all capable playing one or two instruments such as bass, piano and violin. She also owns a Korean immigrant who has a perfect pitch as her servant. She also can attract many jazz males because of her special skills. The Jazz Princess's weakness is the innocent appearance that prevents her from doing cool "jazz stuff" in front of the other fellow jazz citizens like smoking and drinking. She is planning to broaden her jazz experience by working at Fun Town this upcoming summer while listening to various Brazilian music.

"Wow! Alena has another jazz suitor who plays piano."
"Alena! I didn't know you drank! You look so young!"
"I can do anything becuase I am the Jazz Princess Alena."
By Mia
Alena is the most amazing girl you will ever meet. She's kind, generous, compassionate, thoughtful, and sweet. She is so gorgeous and has the most beautiful eyes. She's confident, strong-willed, and determined, and is never afraid to share her opinions. If you're her friend, you are so lucky. But if you cross her, you better run far away because she'll kick you outta her life so fast.

Person 1: "Alena is my best friend."
Person 2: "No, she's my best friend!"
Alena: "You're all my best friends."
By Halli
Alena will be one of your favorite people. She’s honest, loving, funny, sexy, dependable, caring, and even more. She’s easy to fall in love with once you look into her eyes, and she falls in love even easier. You can always trust Alena. She’ll keep secerets till the end of time, be straight forward with you, and always will have your back in any situation. Alena’s make amazing best friends, although they may be quiet at first, once you really get to know them you will see how amazing they really are.

Thank you so much Alena!”
By Grazia
-light in the darkest of times, very strong willed , hard working , best employee willing to go the ends of the earth for those she loves, true angel , caring, loving , honest and true, devoted , faithful, most beautiful soul ever , greatest friend you could ever pray for.

Impossible to forget or hate

Alena will always succeed and never give up.
By Isadora
One that is smart, witty, very sexy, honest, follows her heart, hard working, goal driven, easy to fall in love with, impossible to fall out of love with, generous, thoughtful, understanding.

Alena will always do great things.
By Audra
The human form of an angel. Perfection and grace.

Man you should see this girl I met online, total Alena!
By Rennie
A Beautiful, Sexy, Easy to fall in love with, impossible to fall out of love with adorable you need an Alena. Smart, your love, nice, shy to random people, outgoing with friends, loves everyone, hated by nobody, popular, you wish you were an Alena. Alena's are also good in bed. Also a great girlfriend they'll never cheat or be snobby.

Guy: Man I just had a great girlfriend, shes impossible to get over, I love her so much. I want her back.

Stranger: Was her name Alena?
By Drusie

OMG LOOK THERES TREE (Alena) *runs over to tree*
By Henrietta
Word to describe the human form of an angel. Perfection and grace.

Man this girl I met online, is a total Alena! You should meet her!
By Almeria
The best and wholesome girl youll ever meet.

My girlfriend is an Alena type of gf.
By Shay