Define Alike Meaning


By Julianna
The nickname of Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Savin who died during the Battle of Grozny on 1994.

"Retreat your men Alik, have pity for their mothers, have pity for your guys, retreat them!"
"I can’t give that order..."
By Paule
Someone who is your carbon copy(personality wise, or in demeanor); mostly endemic to the East Coast (New York) and conscious rap artists.

Someone who exhibits the same behavioral characteristics as you do.

"Now Im bout to meet my homegirl cause we be alike: A-Alike, B-Alike, now let's G Alike". Ladybug of Digable Planets from 9th Wonder (1993).

"Son is my A-alike" Noreaga (referring to Capone).
By Shelba
It's like "same" but better because screw same; same is getting annoying

"I hate myself "
By Silvia

That guy is so alik!

That's an alik move right there!
By Bryn
Guy with a dick of at least 7 and a half inches. Everyone knows it, but denies it thanks to jealousy.

Look at that alik over there, all I think about when I see him is envy.
By Willa

That girl reminds me of an Alik!
By Fedora
alik is gay and shit at fortnite. also has a tendency to date bisexual thots, who do cocaine, if that wasn't enough

dude, you're like the alik of real life
By Milka
A guy with a 7 inch dick This boy might be smart, funny, and have an amazing laugh and smile. He is perfect in bed and really hardcore inside you. Also he is a LADY'S MAN.

By Cherie
A snook-alike is a knockoff version of everyones favorite gueidette Snookie! Snook-alikes have similar cases of tanorexia, wear bump-it versions of the poof, and try to pull off dance moves only Snookie could rock.

I had to do a doubletake on that girl she looked like a knockoff version of Snookie with a bad tan and a bump-it poof. She was nothin' but a snook-alike
By Adelice