Define All Night Meaning

All Night
the time period between 12 midnight and 1:30 am

I stayed up all night watching numerphile. I went to bed at 2.
By Bellanca
All Night
All night means that something is truly amazing or awesome; highly favored.

"Yo, did you see that game last night?"

"Yeah, I mess with the Lakers all day but the Heat is all night, fam."
By Penni
All Night Long
When a two people kiss cuddle & fuck during the late night and early morning hours of the day.

Craig : So why were you late for work again today?
Chad: I was over at Kiersten's again and we went "All Night Long" and my dick was tired this morning!
Craig : Nice!!!
By Jesselyn
All Night Long
Hooking up with someone and having sex all night long.

So where have you been?
I met this guy id seen around before but i didnt think he liked me,but he took me to his place and oh my god did he fuck me! We went all night long!
By Abagail
All Night Bender
Basically a highly banterous party which lasts all night. Drinking and dancing is most likely involved.

"Hey Paul, you feeling going out tonight?"
"Nah bro, I'm going on a all night bender"
By Ileane
All Night Train
When you go on a cocaine binge that lasts more than 24 hours straight.

The doctor said I will die if I don't stop riding that All Night Train.
By Marna
Open All Night
The women that lived next to you having countless men coming in and out and u dont know why

"dude your mom was open all night"
"dude let go to the open all night club"
By Krissy
All Night Sucker
All Night Sucker: Contrary to the popular song “All Day Sucker,” by Stevie Wonder, An All Night Sucker is the opposite. An All Night Sucker doesn’t give anything for fear of not getting anything back. It’s the other side of the moon that doesn’t show until someone who desperately seeks it flies up and finds out for themselves what wonders an All Night Sucker truly carries.

Oh, Jenna keeps trying to take Jacob to the dance but little does she know he’s an all night sucker. He won’t let anyone take him.

I can’t believe Peter is getting married next month, he was the biggest all night sucker in highschool.
By Xena
Up All Night
Very first album of up and coming boyband one direction. First time the public can TRULY recognize the talent in each of the voices seperately, as all the boys get solos. Absolutely amazing, well worth the buy.

Contains 13 tracks on the regular album;

What makes you beautiful
gotta be you
one thing
more than this
up all night
i wish
tell me a lie
i want
everything about you
same mistakes
save you tonight
stole my heart

and the extra two on the extended edition;
Stand Up

Random girl; omg up all night is so amazing
Directioner; its amaZAYN, yeah, its such an amazing album!
By Danette
All-Night Fight
Attempting to study throughout all hours of the night for an exam the next day. Cramming...yes sir.

Rory partied all week long and didnt bother to get a head start for his women's suffrage midterm. Guess he is going to have to pull the all-night fight.
By Molly