Define Alright Meaning

a common greeting used by British. Usually used in conjunction with the word "-mate" e.g.

Bhan: "Alright Mate"
Chod: "Alright"
By Stephenie
An alternate spelling of all right.

Although sometimes considered improper English, it is a completely logical contraction. The words altogether and already are similar contractions that are widely accepted.

Alright isn't a word for retards. It'll be a real English word in dictionaries a few years down the road.

People that criticize the use of the word "alright" are probably guilty of scores of grammatical errors anyway, like everyone who speaks the English language.
By Demetris
Passable but not exceptional, often applied to the attractiveness of an individual.

Was she hot?

Nah, she's alright.
By Ortensia
Alternate, simplified version of "all right." Often used in place of "okay" or "fine." Used almost exclusively in email, chat, video games and subtitled movies and anime by folks who slept through English.

1. "No self-respecting editor would allow 'alright' to be used in a novel, nor any English teacher would allow it in an essay, but when it comes to popular culture, I guess it's all right."

2. Akane: "Ranma, are you alright?"
By Shirl
A common greeting, and response to a greeting, in the New Orleans, Louisiana area. Can be used interchangably with other common greetings, such as where y'at and what it is. Often heard from passers-by on the street.

stranger you pass on the street: "Alright, bra."
you: "Yo, what it is?"
By Vivien

By Allegra
A combination of shit, useless and stupid, specifically used to refer to on-field performances by Perth Glory's so-called defender, Jamie Coyne.

How did Jamie Coyne go in the game last night?

Yeah, he did alright, only responsible for 2 of the goals against us.
By Adrian
1. Illiterate spelling of all right. See alwrong.

2. What someone named Al Right might tack onto his screen names or e-mail addresses.

1. Nobody knows where the braindead "word" alright came from, considering all right is a compound word with an obvious meaning, while words such as altogether and already are completely unrelated.

2. [email protected]
By Camel
the retard's way for saying all rright. this is not proper english. alright is not a word. see all right

By Valencia
Alright, Alright, Alright
Catch phrase of academy award winning actor Matthew McConaughey. Used to confirm that a situation is good

"Are you going to the party later?"
"Alright, alright, alright"
By Lyndsay