Define Amanda Meaning

amandas just wanna have fun, because of theyre carefree personallity guys allways want them. amandas are used to choseing the guys they want. amandas are heartbreakers and have the ability to make a guy cry. amandas apprecate the world and see things in a differnt way then most. they love the little things in life and can have fun doing anything. amandas have many friends and everyone wants to hangout with her because shes so much fun! they care about everyone and everyone loves them. amandas have amazeing beauty and a sexy body. if you have an amanda watch her closely

Jake: Amanda is so chill to hangout with, and allways has tree

Josh: she'll break your heart man, so many guys want her
By Lindie
amanda is nice, loving, silly, cute, funny, sweet and not the kind person you want to fuck with you might end up cry.

dont be mean to amanda that wont be a good idea
By Ophelie
A beautiful girl that is very cute and precious. An amanda is usually very cuddly, but only with the boy she loves. Amandas have amazing bodies. They usually have a hot boyfriend that is very violent. An Amanda is one of a kind and very special; makes others jealous. Guys want her, but can never have her.

Guy From OC: "Dude i want that amanda so i can hit that bro, but she seems way out of my league..."
bf From Ventura: "oh thats because she is.. She and her perfect body are mine so back off before i kill you."
By Paola
amazingly amazing so much fun to be around crazy but lovable the shorter the better amzingly big boobs and butt and gives the best compliments! she is smart in her own way which makes her even more loveable!!! you cant help but wanna be one or know one

By Julee
An amanda is a very yummy girl, but can be a tough nut to crack. A body you want to lick chocolate syrup off of. They typically have juggs that are dying to be motorboated and a butt you want to be friends with. Can be a bit a goofy at times.

By Florina
Amanda is that girl that you let go away. She is that girl that brought you more happiness than you could expect from a person. But she spoiled you, and you took it for granted. And now you miss her; you know you do. But she's happier now without you, and all you can do now is be happy for her.

I'd give anything to be able to see Amanda again.
By Collete
Amanda is a very nice name given to pretty stunning women. they tend to have amazing boyfriends who care about them lots. Amanda's have beautiful figures and nice long legs.

She looks just like an Amanda.
By Marika
a woman who doesn't take shit from anyone, even her own parents. She does things her way when she wants where she wants how she wants with who she wants

i love lucy's attitude. it's an amanda attitude.
By Phyllida

i wish i could kiss like amanda!
By Noelle
When applied to a WOMAN, the wonderful, lovely, beautiful name AMANDA means LOVE. When applied to a cross-dressing man, AMANDA means, "Dude, look at that NON-CHICK over there, A MAN, DUH!"?

AMANDA is a super beautiful name for an ACTUAL woman. But, that doesn't mean that slang words cannot sound like non-slang words. Even names: Dick, Peter, Roger (british) and John (2 meanings!). AMANDA girl, we AMANDA (love) you! Please accept our apologies for any misunderstandings.
By Maxine