Define An Hour Meaning

An Hour

I'm so tired, I'm just going up for an hour
By Deeanne

"Reese Witherspoon said that she will be in Alabama in 3 hours"
By Bobinette
By The Hour
At each hour; once each hour.

-It kept growing darker by the hour.
-I have to take this medicine by the hour.
-He is losing control by the hour.
By Daffi
Referring to the male erection'

Example: That girl was so hot she gave me ''THAT HOUR''.

Example 2: is that a flashlight in your pocket or is it "THAT HOUR"


'you should get the point'
By Rozelle

broski i havent seen you in hours!
By Lavena

By Jillene

You have been at your computer for hours.
By Collette
Honouring something with an Hour of your time. Usually something small that you would not spend large amounts, if any, time on.

To play a game you own only because of a gift or part of a bundle for the minimum of an hour.

Spend at least an hour doing something, or some one, you don't think you'll enjoy.

1. I've got so many unplayed games I'm going to try and get them all Houred.
By Tatiana
Half Hour News Hour
A conservative comedy show on the "neutral" FOX news network.

A good example of epic fail.

Person A: Did you see that recent episode of the half hour news hour?

Person B: Yea those idiots have the humor level of a 3rd grader.
By Sherrie
Sadboi Hours
Sadboi Hours is a time where Sadbois are emotional and can express their feelings with other present Sadbois. While the official time for Sadboi Hours is 1 AM to 4:59 AM, anytime can be Sadboi Hours if you try hard enough.

Jack: Jared, it's Sadboi Hours.....
Jared: Lay it on me.
By Tallia