Define An Idiot Meaning

Idiotic Idiot
1. an idiot that is so incredibly idiotic that it must be said this idiot is idiotic.

person 1: "Is that guy retarded or something?"
person 2: "No hes just an idiotic idiot."
person 1: "oh"
By Cacilia
Anyone who belongs to and/or elects to join a village comprising of idiots

Do we really need an example? :p
By Deni

By Randa
the mental state of a person before they have had coffee

brooke can not get over her idiotismness as she hasnt had coffe yet
By Patti

Timothy: Hey Lisa I’m going to break up with you because you are an idiotic bitch.
By Britni
The correct term for this word is actually idiocy it rolls easier off the tongue, oh and you don't have to come to the urban dictionary to find the actual definition

Society your IDIOCY never fails to impress me
bruh i hate your idiotness
By Marika
A remedy of some sort or anything really, given to cure idiots of their idiocy.

Idiot: "Hi asshole!"
You: Dude... smh. You need a serious idiote.

Idiot: What's that?
You: (slaps Idiot in the face) That.
By Janot
How stupid could you have been... to have met an angel

And burnt her wings

Are you completely mentally insane?

We above are wondering how you were so stupid for you had the universe in your embrace.

But you chose to blow your entire future.

Despicable human

You will never live in peace

By Kay
Someone who says shit that so ridiculous that it’s actually funny

By Nola