Define An Old Fashioned Meaning

An Old Fashioned

Randy "I haven't had an old fashioned in a long time."
By Katheryn
Old Fashioned

I didn't get into her pants, but at least I got an Old Fashioned out of it.
By Ambur
Old Fashion

My girl was out of town so i had to give myself an old fashion.
By Caty
An Old Fashioned
A good old fashioned H.J. resulting in a release of cremé freaysh.

Sharron! Thank God! have you seen my cremé freaysh... Hey what are you doing? Hwoah! an old fashioned?" splurt... "Love you Sharron
By Shayla
A hand-job, particularly as an alternative to dome

She wasn't trying to blow me, but she hooked me up with an old-fashioned.
By Halie
Old Fashioned
The act of receiving a hand-job from start to glorious finish. So named because any self respecting person has not had one of these since grade 6.

As seen in South Park s14e14 "Crème Fraiche"

Keep your man happy. When things are going bad, there is nothing like an old fashioned to ease his stress
By Delly
Old Fashioned
A simple penis rub just like grandpa used to get from grandma

Kiersten : Me and Jake had wild animal sex last night!
Chad : So I went to Mary's house and she gave me an Old Fashioned!
Kiersten : Isn't Mary your sister?
Chad : So who really cares I just closed my eyes and pictured that cute smile of yours and your soft hands rubbing my hard cock then I blew my load all over Mary!
Kiersten : Uh that's gross!
Chad : Yeah no kidding especially when she started licking It up!
Kiersten : Ok I'm sorry that's just Fucked Up!
By Corie
Old Fashion
When a female strokes the male genitalia. Otherwise know as a handjob.

Crystal gave the random Britsh guy an old fashion in the hotel bathroom while her friends were in the other room.
By Bibbie
Old Fashioned
A drink that contains bitters, club soda, sugar, marshino cherrys and a orange slice.

Jordan thinks he is cool because he is making himself old fashioneds but i ate all of the cherrys and orange slices.
By Madelena
Old Fashion
An unlubricated and painful handjob, usually performed instead of sexual intercourse, much to the dismay of the male involved.

Bro, I thought I had it in the bag with Michelle last night, but she just gave me an Old Fashion. This morning was the most painful morning of my life.
By Mariann