Define Anal Meaning

What to avoid in prison.

After dropping my soap, I just let it be so as not to incite an anal rampage.
By Marnie

Miranda is well known for her wild anal nights.
By Katharyn

(On an english paper) "More anal please"
By Cammie
taking it in the ass. by means of a strap-on, penis, dildo, finger, or any other phallic shaped object

"ayy wanna try anal tonight"

"oh ok lol"
By Vyky

By Kary
Yup, you guessed it - abbreviation or short form for analyze and analogy and don't you believe any one that tells you differently.

I like your anal usage, but I'll have to get back to your analogy.
By Florencia
adj. of, from, or relating to the anus.
adj. to describe an uptight OCD-esque person who may or may not twitch when you do something wrong; A perfectionist.
n. short name for anal sex, or penetration of the anus (butt fuck). common among gay men and some heterosexual couples. not as enjoyable for many women but with a lot of lube it's better.

1. ug i have like anal herpes or something, cause my butthole is itching like woah.
2. A LITTLE TO THE LEFT PLEASE! *twitch* sorry, i get a little anal about things like this.
3. he keeps asking me to do anal but it hurts!
By Ingaberg
to be really up tight
to pay excessive attention to detail
to be a total tight-ass
to over explain or define something

He said I had to stack the first row of cups 20" high, and the second row 12" high, what an anal dickwad.
By Eudora
To insert a penis, dildo, butt plug, vegetable, or just about whatever fits into the ass or booty of a girl, or boy.

Last night I had some of the best anal ever, man those greek girls know how to take it in the ass.
By Sheilah
Sexual - Short for anal sex.
The act of shoving your dick into someone's poop chute.

I asked my g/f if she'd like some anal and she pulled a bobbit on me.
By Cordey