Define And Then Some Meaning

And Then Some
A slang expression used to humorously imply that the preceding statement was an understatement. If speaking, the word "then" is usually stressed.

"You're a real bastard, ya know that, Joe?"
"And then some." - from the film 'The Last Boy Scout' (1991)
By Janella
And Then Some
lasting for all of eternity

i want to be with you forever, and then some.
By Jerrilyn
And Then Some
when something wreaks of a combination of disgusting smells.

Her breath smells like and then some... and then some shit, and then some ass, and then some fish.
By Aarika
body once told me the world is gonna roll me

By Mercedes
A sex position consisting of three people. Only consisting of 2 girls 1 guy or 3 girls 1 strap on. The guy is standing while having intercourse with one girl. The girl that is being fucked has another girl sitting on her face. The girl who is doing the sitting kisses the guy, bites his nipples, or is being choked. Magically, forming the letter A.

"Last night was so awesome! I took home Jessica and Nicki and we had an A-some.
By Kimberley
of or referring to some part of something

"so you had a good day?"

By Cinnamon
what a guy/ group of guys is trying to get when he/ they use cologne before leaving the house.

isynonyms: poon, ass, tail, stank, pootyhole, vadger, coont, etc./i

gentleman 1: Smell this, dude, it's a guaranteed ofactory panty-dropper
gentleman 2: Lemme get a splash of that, I gotta get some tonight
By Karalee

Told me the world

By Eolande
Swag on my enemy

You a boss....Yea I got SOME
By Marcelia
ass-kicking, or similar.

"Come get some!"
"Who wants some?"
By Maxi