Define Another Meaning

An "expert" difficulty level on Beatmania IIDX. Can be accessed by holding down the VEFX button on the arcade machine while selecting a song.

By Shanon
According to Konami, the word "Another" means "insanely difficult" in the Beatmania IIDX series.

I gave a toy in my store like three glances because it said "another" and it made no sense to me.
By Chlo
A hella good horror anime, but can have quite some blood in some scenes

Hey, have you watched another?
Yea it's a great anime
By Felipa
Another Day Another Dollar
Americans use this phrase to say that everything is ordinary, same routine. Nothing has changed and everything remains the same.

Ron: Hey what's up?
Carol: not much, another day another dollar
Ron: cool, wanna go to get some beer...
Carol: sure, why not.
By Clerissa
Another Day, Another Holler
A twist on an old saying that makes reference to the reality that sometimes needing to make that dollar can lead to shouting at the top of one’s lungs due to job performance burnout.

Well my dear, hard-working and highly devoted colleagues, here we are again; another day, another holler!
By Kaja
But That's Another Story For Another Time
A cool, fancy way of saying, "I could tell you about this, but I won't because it's not really that related to what I'm telling you about now." Used quite often in the book, "The Neverending Story", and also in the movies based off of it and the cartoon series based off of the movies. It's basically one of those phrases that everyone yearns to find a good opportunity to say, like "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you", or "I'll be back...WITH WEAPONS!"

Once upon a time there was a thirteen-year-old who was bored so she decided to write a definition of "but that's another story for another time" on After that she went on to do something completely different, with nothing to do in any way, shape, or form with that's another story for another time.
By Dell
In Another Life
In another life is a well known BokuAka fanfic created by LittleLuxray on the Ao3 website. it is said to tear your heart apart and will emotionally damage you to the point where you feel nothing anymore.

not gonna lie it was pretty sad:(

“Have you read the BokuAka fanfic called In Another life?”
“Well, not yet. But i will tomorrow; Can’t wait to be emotionally scarred!”
By Allina
In Another Life
Say this to your weeb friend while watching cloud atlas and they would for sure love you. 💗

B: Ask me why I like Cloud Atlas so much.

A: Well alright.. Koutarou, why do you like Cloud atlas so much?

B: S... So you.. know in the m-movie when.... th.. characters die in one life...?

B: W-well.. I... Like it when..... Th-they find each other again.... In another life.

B: It m-makes me.... feel like I'll h-have another life... one beyond this one... one that's better.. wh.. where I can actually wake up to you... and be with.. y.... you....

B: One where we... Can.. Live n.... normal lives instead of... living........ this one.

A: You know... I would like that. Very much.

B: Me too...
By Hildy
In Another Life
an amazing angst fanfic created by LittleLuxray on archive of our own. if you wanna read it prepared to be emotionally scarred.

the most memorable In Another Life quote

Bokuto: I found you
Akaashi: You found me
By Ainslie
In Another Life
That heart wrenching fanfic created by littleluxray about the ship BokuAka from the anime and manga Haikyuu that left traumatized fangirls crying for weeks or months

"Bokuto, why do like Cloud Atlas so much?"
"Because it gave me hope that we would meet In another life"
By Rozamond