Define Answer Meaning

The communist front known as Act Now to Stop War and End Racism.

By Caryn
any type of reply to a stament or question

i answered jeffs rebutle
By Violante
what they stand for: Act Now To Stop War and End Racism. They are a good group, and have organized a lot of protests, although I have to admit these protests seemed to have no effect whatsoever

The protests are never specific enough. These days, ANY protest is automatically mutated into an anti-irag-war and pro=palestine. The message shouldn't be so diluted. There are always like 10 different ideas and you're not really sure if you went for the right reason

But anywho, answer is great; they strive for equality in the world
By Cordelie
"ANSWER NOW TO STOP WAR AND RACISM" is what they say but is really a load of crap. Want us to pull out of iraq and "free" palistein even though it already is.

"Occupation is a crime from iraq to palistain"
By Fernanda
Is a single or double shot of an alcoholic beveage. IE Goslings Black Seal (Bermuda Rum)

"Ayo dude was drunk off six answers"
By Umeko
The Answer Is No To That
The answer you give when you have no answer, but have the power to do as you please.
Extreme level of control mentality.

Citizen: Due to the highly negative impact on the quality of life of this city, we propose to do an in-depth investigation about municipal management of toxic waste.

Politician: The Answer Is No To That.
By Koral
The Answer
Nickname for best shooting guard in the NBA, Allen Iverson

By Karisa
The Answer
1) Nickname for NBA player Allen Iverson
2) Nickname for the biggest prick in Ashford, Bhuwan. Bhuwan is such a big dumb prick, thinking it is "cool" to get drunk at school. Bhuwan is also a big fan of drawing on all of his possessions and himself in magic marker. What a prick.

"The Answer is such a prick, he thinks drawing on himself in magic marker is cool"
By Theodosia
The Answer

By Henrietta
The Answer

Sex is the answer.
By Doralynn