Define Anthem Meaning

I can't believe nobody has properly explained this.... anyway, "anthem", when used stylistically, means theme. For instance, if a venue, such as a dance club, has a contiguous design feel, it can be said that it sticks to an anthem.
Of course it can also mean a song that is used to convey underlying values, principles, spirit, commraderie, etc., eg. a national anthem.

"I appreciate the anthem of this Japanese resteraunt."

By Nelia
1. The most brilliant japanese band ever (Loudness fans, you don't know what you're missing =3)
3. A official song you sing with pride that's mostly patriotic-

National anthems are used in a wide array of contexts.
By Julia
A cheesey, cliched, highly known and recognised trance/electronic song.

"The Trance DJ waz playin' all the ol' skool anthems. Shit waz off da heezy."
By Tamarah

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By Mariele
The term anthemic is not strictly a word, yet is used to describe music that has a particular presence to it/atmospheric feel.

In hardcore/punk an anthemic band would be one who have plentiful singalongs and a tight, melodic, and often heavy rhythm section. Bands such as Bane and With Honor are a good example of this.

Statement: "Woah this band are amazing, every song is really anthemic"

Reply: "Yeah, they're incredible."
By Ashil
On Networking apps like Tinder, Anthem or "My Anthem" means a music track that tells your (User's) story.

My Anthem is "Without me"
By Gussy
The bottom of an ant's pants... according to Brittany S. Pierce

Mr. Shuester: Can anyone tell me what an anthem is?
Brittany: The bottom of an ant's pants.
Mr. Shuester: So close!
By Ivie
An occurrence, action, event, or happening that surpasses "epic" proportions. In order for something to truly be anthemic it must be worthy of songs of praise and glory written in its honor.

Wow, that final over time goal was anthemic!
By Tommi
A game developed by BioWare, and produced by EA, release date scheduled February 22, 2019. Possibly a new step forward in gaming as we know it (And by that I mean battle royal games are old and we need something new).

Dude 1: "Hey did you hear about that new game anthem?"

Dude 2: "Yeah BR's are old now, i'm excited for something new."
By Doralyn
The Anthem
Hype Williams' "Belly" So named because of the universal nature of it's depiction of the hopes and struggles associated with urban drug traffic/crime culture.

Nah, I'm fin' to go back to the spot to vibe out and just hit up The Anthem.
By Kimberli