Define Anthony Meaning


anthony is a slob
By Lorrayne
a super sweet, awesome, and beastly boy who happens to be very hot.

person1: "woah, look at that hot guy."
person2: "Thats anthony, he's pretty beast too."
By Elyn

Woah, his house burned down, all his family died in a car accident, and he's still positive, he must be an anthony
By Oralie
The coolest kid youll ever meet, usually has the nickname booguh, and likes too many people.

i love anthony.
By Jessamine
Is a fucking boss, plan and simple. when people see him they are like damn that is one fly mother fucker. the rawest mother fucker in all sports except for soccer cause only fags play soccer! He is very reliable and one of the greatest fiends you will ever meet. When it comes to relationships he knows how to treat a lady and is a real smooth talker.

That kid is a a fucking boss his name must be Anthony!
By Verna
the most amazing boy in the whole world who will go the extra mile to keep you safe. when you are in his arms he makes you feel loved and protected. he is the cutest boy with the most mysterious brown eyes that draw you in. he is full of love and easy to trust. anyone to have an anthony in there life is lucky and needs to hold on to them forever because they are a keeper!

Do you know an anthony?
By Dorena
a cool boy ; a brand for shaving cream ; some horny boy

By Neala

.. as in he's my Mark Anthony
By Dorita
anthony is very gay he likes boys and has a crush guys with the name r

anthony is so gay
By Danella

By Cammie