Define Anytime Meaning


Jane: Thanks for inviting me to your party, John.

John: "Hey, anytime!"
By Corry
The word that dumb people say to people they just met after they ask: "When can I ring you?" not even thinking that these guys could be dangerous and you're just opening yourself up to them like the giblees.

"Hey soft-breasted tender little maiden of demon worship, when may I next contact you using my telephone device?"
"Oh, anytime."
By Charin
A person who makes the most out of any situation, whether good or bad.

When pulverized with lemons, an anytimer decided to make a delightful gallon of lemonade.
By Annetta
Definitely does NOT mean, "Whenever you like."

I'm so nihilistic that i don't even know what it means, and i don't know how i feel about that and if i knew what it meant i wouldn't care anyway, I'd just keep chewing my tobacco and spitting on the carpet regardless of people's opinions, and I'd definitely look cool doing it. That's what it means.

"Dude, you just saved my child from that cobra driving a tank into that orphanage! Fuck me right now, please!!!"
By Michaella
Call Anytime
when someone tells you to call anytime, it means that they wouldn't mind talking to you anytime thus meaning you have a high possibility of hooking up

Dude: Hey, what's your number?

Chick: (Hands Dude the Number) Call anytime, babe.
By Joy
Anytime Friend
a friend who will talk to you anytime if you need to talk or something even in the middle of the night

ppl 1: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz
cell phone: (atreyu ringtone)ring!!!
ppl 1:(wakes up) hello?
ppl 2: (snif, snif)my hampster isnt moveing (snif) i think hes dead!(snif, snif)
ppl 1: kk close your eyes, relax, reach out slowly and see if it bites...good thing im your anytime friend!!!
By Mariann
Anytime Friend
The one person in your life is the one person no matter what they say or do or what they have been through with you they love you anyway.

Susie got drunk at a bar and made an ass of herself and her anytime friend loved her anyway
By Ingeborg
Anytime B

Some nibba: omg thank you so much!
Other nibba: Anytime b.
By Eydie
Bathroom Anytime Minutes
What office workers use when they use the restroom frequently while on the clock at their jobs.

So far this year, Jonah has made $74.56 at work using his bathroom anytime minutes.
By Luella
Internet Anytime Minutes
What office workers use when they are being the "most productive" at their jobs.

T-roy looked at the clock and said, "Well, boys, I have two hours left to do absolutely nothing! The web don't surf itself! It's time to use up some of my Internet anytime minutes to look busy!"
By Pearle