Define Apology Meaning

Admitting that something that you should not have said something that could have been interpreted as rude, whether you meant it or not.

I apologize for my definition of 'pathetic,' it was uncalled for.
By Letta
the feeling in which someone feels when they know someone has done something wrong the feeling i feel and i hope that they would forgive me i am very sorry

Lauren hopes they accept her apology
By Julee
Does not always mean that you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.

By Meryl
A group of Canadians is called an Apology

There was an apology of Canadians outside the Timmies.
By Fenelia
To make excuse for or regretful acknowledgment of a fault or offense.

george bush dumbfuck n00b drugs taco bell day old oatmeal

By Vicki
To give a present to someone as a way to make up for wronging them in some way.

"I was apologiving to my girlfriend last night for cheating on her with her mom, but she just threw the sexy panties back in my face!!!...That is the last time I ever apologive to that frigid bitch"
By Amalia
kissing Jesse Jackson's ass in an attempt to ask for forgiveness for offending the African American race. (As seen in South Park episode 1101)

Jesse Jackson: "Apologize. Kiss it."
Randy Marsh: "You want me to kiss your-"
Jesse Jackson: "That's right. Apologize."
By Othilie
when rolling dice, if you throw a loser 2-3-12 on the first roll, you need to apologize by rolling a 7-11 winner on the next roll. usually accompanied by a snapping of the fingers.

By Othelia
A way of appearing to say 'sorry' when actually you mean "fuck you for highlighting our mistake. We'll fix it, but not to please you. Don't think I'll forget this any time soon".

"I can see that there's an error on the latest budget report. Apologies for that." George Osbourne, 2013 Budget announcement.
By Shandee
The act of apologizing and a casual manner, usuallly in a non-serious way without meaning.

girl: I'm sorry that I kicked you in the balls

guy: oh. okay

*girl rolls her eyes.*

Apologization is always the key to unrealistic peace.
By Yvette