Define Arnold Meaning

A large shit that refuses to be flushed down the toilet.

Oh man! Greg ate too much pork again and stuck a huge arnold in the shitter.
By Adelaide
Verb: The act of flexing in the mirror because you think your as jacked as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Me: Why do you keep flexing all the time in the mirror?

Roommate: I'm Arnolding bro!
By Kassia
Arnold is one of the best people out there. Arnold’s usually have black or brown hair and glasses. They usually have a lot of ibfs and talk to them regularly. They take walks to stores and restaurants everyday and say thank you when they buy their stuff.

Kris: Arnold is the best!
Savi: Yeah :)
By Fae
That one Samoan looking Latino guy that looks cute and always attracts black ,white, and Asian women but can be intimidating at times.he can be weird and perverted at times but is an overall nice guy to be around with and very loving.also person that makes you forget about your boyfriend or husband or boy toy because having one on one convos with him makes u think and makes you wanna leave a bad relationship to get with him though it feels wrong what’s a grown woman to do around this guy.he gives a bad vibe at times but never towards you though you could feel killing intent from him,he is normally mad about something else or someone that wronged and stole what is rightfully his.its always hard to tell if he’s fit,chubby,or fit-chubby at times with the clothes he wears but he’s still attractive in certain aspects

Girl1:is that the new guy we’re working with?
Girl2:yea his name is Arnold

Girl1:he’s kinda cute how old is he
Girl2:idk ask him yourself

Girl1: I will but he looks like he has a gf
Girl2:not really he’s single as a dollar bill go for it or I will
By Adore

Chante:omg you’re big

Guy:so you’re nicknaming me Archie
Chante:nope you’re an Arnold
By Angelica
Tactic used when playing a first-person-shooter in which a person walks into a heavily crowded area full of enemies. This is done with total disregard for stealth and/or evasive maneuvers. In order to properly Arnold, you must also put 5 to 10 extra rounds into each enemy you face. Comes from the tactics of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who does this in every one of his movies.

Mike: Hey Alex, did you just take out 30 enemies by yourself?

Alex: Yeah, I pretty much just Arnolded.
By Dyanna
An great, easy going person who understands the good and the bad in life. Follows ethical and moral values. Always a gentleman and loves being the one treating out his girlfriend. Can get angry at times, but it is only because he cares a lot. Very passionate about the things he feels and never resorts to quitting. Has many great innovative ideas but could use some assistance as some of these ideas can be quite ambitious. Usually a daredevil and a can be reckless at times, yet caring and overprotective of the woman he loves. Will try to fight through obstacles and will put up a fight if anything comes in the way. Great all around person - Someone you should never let go of. Lucky to find an Arnold in your life. He will most likely change your life - don't fight it, he will love you forever and support you through the good and bad.

"Damn! The Legend Lives...It's Arnold. I want him to be my friend and lover"

"Dios Mio! El Senor Arnold. Que Hermoso"
By Marchelle
Arnold is a name associated with power and awesomeness.
A male with the name Arnold should be praised constantly.
Historians have noted that the name derives from a line of kings, sports stars and top blokes.
It has been noted that philosophers in the mould of Nostradamus and Albert Einstein have stated that the name Arnold should be put away because it would be difficult for any young male to have such a burden placed on their shoulders.
However this theory was rebuked by the AOA (Association of Arnold's) who correctly suggested that once a child is named Arnold they can automatically take upon such a mantle, as with the name they are the recipient of much greatness, authority and laid-backednesss.
Parents who embed their children with this hallowed name shall receive an all round champ of a son for their knowledgeable choice.
Creator and Saint Of Beer. that's right bitches if it wasn't for arnold you fuckers would be getting waisted with H20, beer pong would have never exsisted, nor keg-stands, let alone kegs!

My name is Arnold
All hail Arnold, the almighty

By Cami
that one kid with the yellow shirt from Magic School Bus who was really hot

Arnold: I’m hot and don’t like field trips.
By Morgana

By Clea