Define Artwork Meaning


That's some very detailed artwork.
By Tildy
the shit stains remaining in the toilet bowl after flushing

Yo babe, come check out the artwork, that was a great shit.
By Hildagarde
Horrorshow Artwork
Dark, abstract, narcotic inspired artwork by Geordie artist and graphic designer Malcolm White. Dating from 2007 onwards. The name Horrorshow Artwork was derived from the Nadsat word horrorshow (meaning good) used often in Anothony Burgess' Novel 'A Clockwork Orange'.

"Have you seen The Face of Insanity by Horrorshow Artwork?"
By Teodora
Fernanda Dias Artwork
Literally the most talented animator youtuber, with her work, especially her project “ bunny witch” started to get a lot of attention in 2020 and at the time of typing this, has over 450K youtube subscribers and a large following on her other social media as well. She is an absolute goddess.

randominternetboy13: Oh my god did you see that witch animation on youtube, will there be an anime out of it?
RicktheWeeb38: You are talking about Fernanda Dias Artwork. With her skill, we should only sit back and enjoy.
By Meris