Define Attraction Meaning

1)a person or thing that catches the attention of another being
2)the magnetic force that pulls two people together regardless of their own will
3)easy to avoid, but impossible to ignore

The attraction she felt toward him was impossible to resist. She was not only drawn to his physical appearance, but also to his unique personality.
By Vilma
To be more than friends with someone; to like them. Basically, to be crushing on someone.

Person 1: Do you like Tim?
Person 2: Yeah I’m totally attracted
By Adelind
Something or someone that is very appealing, nice to look at, and you wish you could have it.

Linda is so attractive, I want to marry her.
By Neala
Something that just pulls you in by how it looks, smells, sounds, etc. People are often attractive, but things can be too. Attractive things are often hard to define, particularly in how they attract you. But, they sure do. And, what attracts one person doesn't always attract another.

Gosh, she's attractive.

By Hettie
Two objects, or persons being drawn to the other based on a variety of physical, emotional and mental connection.

Genesis was attracted to William from the first day she met him. To Genesis, William fit the perfect example of the "perfect man."
By Kim
A phenomenon where chemicals and pheromones are released via the human body and the human animal instincts of reproduction and the desire of ownership take precedence. Largely in-part based on the societal definition of "beautiful", as most humans would either have largely varying attractors or none at all. Most often regarded as sensory overload, as the desire is often overwhelming to the human intellect and rationale.

"So yeah, my father died last week and although it hurts I ju...."

"DAMN. Did you see that girl? Man, she was attractive. Did you see that ass? Wow."

"What was I saying again?"
By Rubie
1. The physical, emotional attachment to a person in a romantic way; the kind of thing where you want to run your hands all over their skin, their angel bones, their wrists while you talk all night.
2. A form of non-romantic, simple friendship that forms between two people; they don't quite love each other but they definitely like each other.

You can tell he feels attraction to her because he can't keep his hands off her waist.
By Katharyn
That's Attractive
a sarcastic saying used when something unattractive is captured on camera or seen by another person

*Boy sees a girl picking her nose so he hits his friend beside him and says:
"Look at that girl!"
His friend replies with "That's attractive."
By Carlyn
The levels of attractiveness in a give area, commonly used in conjunction with British females.

When Ruth left I think all of work went down a notch in attractivity.
By Sharline
When your dick seems to have a gravitational pull towards the person that you are attracted to.

By Sal