Define Authority Meaning

A position of power over people. Most people critize authority until they eventially come into power. Then they complain when they are critized. Hypocrites.

"It's okay to fight everyone else's authority...except mine!"
By Jill
the man who wants to keep you down

By Rebecka
what you must respect

By Helaine
Something that is widely misunderstood by many ignorant teenagers, dumb skaters, and clueless punks. Knowledge is power, and the authorities of our time have that power, so instead of being morons who have good intentions but don't know a fucking thing about the polotics behind authority, lets all actually go pick up a book, or become and activist and TAKE DOWN THE FUCKING SYSTEM. All of these cockfucks posting about how we "need authority" are bullshitters and close minded dickheads at best. The only thing we "need" in this world is common sense, and therefore authority won't have to provide us with it. Wake up people, and stop being a dickless puppet of the system that many of you claim to "hate".

The authorites and powers that be have seen it fit to convict innocent marijuana smokers, concious objectors, and activists of crimes and therefore put them in a little manmade thing called prison. Authority is mostly a byproduct of greed and facism.
By Ashleigh
The worst position a legal aldult could have.

The authority is always beating down on me!

All authority expect too much from me. Man, screw them!
By Sydelle

The executive branch should decrease its authority to fuck with the black man.
By Sylvia

i have authority over you
By Kalli
the thing that society will always hate and critisize, no matter who is currently 'it'. The thing that keeps people in line. The thing that somehow keeps people recycling and being nice to strangers. This thing is seconded only to Hollywood, which commands much more respect and power. Without it, we would return to being animals, relying only on instincts.

Person 1: Dude i hate the government, and cops and shit, i hate them

Person 2: You cant imagine what would happen without authority dude
By Corrianne
What people hate but don't realize they cant live without it because people are stupid.

Now that authority is gone who will tell what to do?
By Pamelina
A person who writes books, articles, documents etc.

Bedanta Chakrabarty is my favorite YA author.
By Marlo