Define Available Meaning

What someone is if they're not in a relationship.

"Is she available?"
"Yes, but she's strongly Catholic."
"Whoa! Not going there!"
By Loutitia
What someone is if they're in an open relationship, and are looking for more partners.

"He/she changed her profile status to available, as opposed to single; he/she's in a open relationship, and is looking for more sexual partners."
By Natalina
One who gets no poon ever and is constantly looking for a lover

Ex. Alex Scholl

Alex is available but he doesn't get any.
By Vicky
A bad ass hardcore band from Richmond, VA. Influences ranging from minor threat to southern rock such as Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Dude, Avail is playing cats cradle next week.
By Felicle

I'm free to chill at the B&N on Saturday if you're avails.
By Rosmunda
A word meaning or in reference to something too amazing to exist used in several online communities.

Your almost cool enough to be Availer.
By Amabelle
Unlike conventional availing opporunities this refers to becoming available in chat

Would waiting for avail be to no avail?
By Sibilla
Not Available
1)a person who is having rough sex, with only one person. Only open for buisness to one.
2)a nice way of saying I am single and have no one.

"I'm so not available with him."
By Daveta
Available Hole
An Available Hole (noun) will 'put out' indiscriminately. Male or Female, they tend to be morally bereft and devoid of substantive thought.

They will make themselves available to all of his/her friends, all of your friends, your friends' friends, passing strangers, the butcher, the baker, and particularly the candlestick maker and generally anybody who is in need of an 'available hole' for sexual encounters lacking in any sense of lasting satisfaction and ultimately cumulating in notions of being an vapid and debased soul.

An Available Hole will usually be a carrier of various STIs/STDs and will waste no opportunity to smear these across the face of society and infect the general populous with their pestilence. They will frequently use their powers of manipulation to engineer situations whereby they may garner attention, breach trusts, disregard others, break friendships, test relationships, spread disease and corrupt the minds of innocents.

Not really someone to take to 'meet your parents' or to openly admit to engaging in acts of promiscuity with, to either close friends, acquaintances or colleagues.

Also known, amongst various others, as the 'town bike', 'town crotch', 'unpaid whore'

A: Hey man, ya know that Salli? She's a right goer, had her last night..

B: Yeh man, had her last week... That makes us weiner cousins!

C: Salli? Shit, she left me with a bad case of the clap coupla months back. Fuck man, she's been ridden by every Tom, Dick and Harry in town. That makes us all weiner cousins

A: Ik. Think I may have to go get myself checked out didn't realise she was such an Available Hole. Meh.
By Lorinda
Now Available

with your fave def

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Example should include the word "Now available"
By Collen