Define Babe Meaning

A sweetheart, good looking, nice person, great body, someone you really like, loving term. A good thing. You can call your friends or lovers babe, no gender specification

You are such a babe
Babe, can I borrow this?
What's up babe
I love you babe
By Kally
1) term of endearment used by a partner you're intimate with, connoting possession of person addressed as such
2) term of endearment for a close individual
3) term used to address a good looking female / male.

1) Did you really have to take that project? I missed you all week babe!

2) Hey babe, what's wrong? johhny told me you didn't seem too happy today at school.

3) wow, she is such a babe!
By Melisa
1.endearing term.
2.adjective used to describe a good looking girl, sometimes describes guys

1.Hey babe i missed you
2.All the guys think Melanie is a babe
By Yovonnda
A babe is someone who is hot, nice, funny and someone everyone loves

Jaden Robert Sekoll is a babe
By Charline
A girl or guy that is sexually or really attractive.

Wow! Cierra Autumn Jones is a babe.

Wow! She looks like a babe.
By Leelah
a person who is fucking sexy as hell. drops panties. highly desirable. melts hearts. someone you'd bone. is so beautiful that he/she doesn't know it. typically Italian. most likely a firefighter.

"brian is fucking sexy as hell"

"yeah, he's a babe"
By Avrit
a girl or guy who is easy on the eyes, talented, and good looking, overall just very sexy. referred to as "babe".

sarah or maddie
"man, those girls are babes"
By Kordula
The word is for either gender, and when you use it in a sentence, it gives encouragement to the person you are calling that, it tells them that you consider them cute and
with a sort of ownership.

I called my manager babe and she got pissed!
By Rhonda
a pig raised by sheepdogs, learns to herd sheep with a little help from Farmer Hoggett..... men should never use this term because it may seem like you are calling them a pig..raised by sheepdogs.

guy: hey babe;)

girl: umm im not a pig from the 1995 movie "babe" ...kay thanks bai:)
By Francene
A term a girl friend uses towards her boyfriend and vice versa!

Alec: I love you babe
sara: I love you 2

AIDAN: heya babe
sara: hi
By Erminie