Define Bag Meaning

A large goal, typically one of three categories:

1. Money/material wealth.
2. Larger goals in your life.
3. A literal bag, which you can store things in (like money or marijuana).

"Focus on your bag, not others."
"Pledge allegiance to the bag."
By Gwenora

"i heard you bagged that girl last night"
"niiiice man, she was smokin"
By Aeriela
to "get" a guy/girl, as in to hook up with, go out with, make one's own. it is more common for a guy to bag a girl.

"I bet I could bag her."
By Viva

Steph: Dude, she's hot.
Mike: What can I say, she's a bag.
By Sheena
1.To make a girl / guy yours; to get with

2.To make fun of someone

"yo, I heard you bagged trina..."

"I want you to bag on each others crib..." -MTV2's show 'yo mama'
By Kali
v. To place a bag over a chick's head in order to make her pleasing enough to bang.

Gina, that guinea pig, was so ugly I had to bag her to bang her.
By Georgia
An ugly miserable old woman

By Kinna
To get with a chick, to go out with her.

I wanna bag that bitch cuz she got big tits.
By Ariadne
To "bag," or "bagging". To crack jokes by insulting someone or their mother. I believe this is West Coast oriented, as I grew up in Los Angeles hearing this term, but in the military I met people from other regions of the nation who never heard this. But people from California knew what "bagging" meant. Most called it "jone-ing". See dozens, dirty dozens, jone.

Oh, you wanna bag? Yo momma so fat, she's on both sides of the family!
By Clea
1. Someone's preference or way of doing something

2. The lifestyle of an individual

Tyler wanted to go jump that queer but I felt sorry for him cuz that's not my bag.
By Lyn