Define Band Meaning

A group of people who come together to play music. Often comes in two forms in popular usage:

1. A high school band. These tend to be tight-knit groups of kids who all either love or hate what they do. Their shows tend to show great musical skill and/or choreography.

2. A rock band. These tend to be tight-knit groups of people who all either love their music or the money they earn from it. Their shows are either dull or explosive.

The band is playing at 4:30 at the football game, and then Bill is playing with his band at 8:00 after the game.
By Dreddy
a "passtime" that takes up your whole life and doesn't allow you to do anything fun because you're too busy with band.
sometimes can be fun, but also hard work. takes some mad skill to be a band nerd. warning: once in band, you automatically become a band geek, even if you don't try
those who quit are losers
p.s. band kids are also known to have some pretty wild parties with a lot of slut dancing

Cindy: Hey Bobby, wanna hang out Friday? My parents are out of town!
Bobby: Sorry Cindy, I can't, I have band. Then a band party
By Benedicta
1. Where all the hott guys are
2. A cluster of 60+ incredibly perverted yet amazingly hilarious high school students
3. Consists of Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion
4. Where you are cool if you can play a piccolo AND a contra
5. A group of people who actually KNOW what fortissimo means
6. People in band can only count to FOUR, unless it's marching season, in which case they can usually count to 32
7. People in band also can't say the alphabet past letter "g"
8. The thing that completely consumes your life
9. The greatest thing any human being can ever experience

1. Mat just took off his shirt! *drool*
2. HAHAHA that was so funny!
3. Percussion Kicks Brass!!
4. person a: I can play the piccolo AND the contra
group of onlookers: ooooooooo
5. person a: lets play fortissimo and see what the director says
person b: what a good idea!
6. One.... two.... three.... four.... uhm.....
7. abcdefg... what comes next?
8. person a: you wanna come to the movies tonight?
person b: sorry, I have band practice
person a: what about the mall this weekend?
person b: I have a marching band competition
person a: I guess I'll see you around then?
person b: I doubt it. I have to practice for District Band
By Philipa
The best class you could possibly take in high school! Your average high school band will consist of: flutes and too many of them, clairinets, saxaphones(most ranges), maybe an oboe or two, trumpets, trombones, a few low reeds, a few low brass, and percussoin/drums.

The drummers often are seen as incrediably stupid, flutes are often seen as annoying or useless (much to my regret), and the list of instumental steriotypes could continue forever.

High school bands do a variety of activities. We march in parades, we perform concerts, sell candy bars to fund band trips, we perform in regional contests, and always have a good time!

Most people see band geeks as strange, abnormal, and/or worthless beings not worthy of existance. However, I say this to all who has insulted a band geek: Who is it that plays at your football amd basket ball games? Who is it that plays for pep assemblies/rallies?

Don't make fun of band geeks, they make the band. Especially floutists or they'll play a vicious high G just for you!

See that gut over there with the black pants, white shirt, funny bow tie and a trumpet? He is in the BAND.
By Phedra
A group of people who are almost constantly broke.

The band struggled to pay for gas to get to the concert.
By Donica
A cluster of 50 or so high school students, not to be underestimated. They are, for the most part, legally insane and should be feared and respected. Band geeks have a tendency to be perverts, but remarkably hilarious at the same time. They are an odd species, with outstanding talents for dances and unsual vocals. They tend to lack in respect for anyone's personal space and have the amazing ability to eat jawbreakers and play brass instruments at the same time.

If you have a bubble....go to the band room for an wont then....
By Babs
1. A group of people who play instruments/music

2. A sure way to be "cool"

3. Picking up a guitar because everyone else is, and making your friends, who also can't play their instruments, bang on drums and play the C chord on the guitar over and over again.

Boy 1: I'm in a band
Boy 2: Dude, SO AM I!!!11!!oneone
Boy 1: We are too kewl for school! Lets go have monkey sex in my parents bed!!
By Elly
SUPERIOR music ensemble in schools. PWNS orchestras, both schools and professionals. Will take over and dominate the concert music world. Everybody writes for this group. Nobody writes for orchestras because it is an obsolete fossil or relic going extinct.

The band PWNED the orchestra at the concert today. The band made the orchestra look like pussies. Only pussies play in orchestras. Bands ROCK.
By Dione
Being badass with a slice of total awesomeness; flaunting about how good one is

People don't realize how band Tony Romo is.
By Susann
To be barred from use of a forum by a moderator for cause. Synonym: banned.

I got band from the pokah! forum when I questioned the moderators parentage.
By Jori