Define Bang Bang Meaning

Bang Bang
When you have a whole meal at one place, then go right to another to place and have another one...bang bang.

We just ate a ton of food at this Indian place and now this...bang bang
By Lisette
Bang Bang
Something you say when you whip out your two hands and form them into a gesture resembling a handgun.

By Clarabelle
Bang Bang
Fake bootleg clothing, sneakers, jewelry, and or gear.

Guy 1: look at that dudes red monkey jeans and bapes
Guy 2: man all thats bang bang look the stars crooked and the jeans have the wrong tag
By Josey
Bang Bang

By Fifi
Bang Bang
The phrase "bang bang" is a colloquialism used after one has been insulted or humiliated (burned, wrecked, destroyed, told, dissed, etc. work also). This phrase was developed to mimic the sound of dual pistols firing one after another at a target, an analogy to the person who has just been burned being shot down. There is a popular following to the idea that "bang bang" should only be used after one other than the would-be speaker has said "shots fired."

An optional motion one can do while shouting the phrase is pantomine pistol shots firing from your hands as you should each word, using finger guns

Person #1: "I'm going to kill myself."
Person #2: "Go for it!"
Person #1: "What would you do if I actually did it?"
Person #2: "I won't attend your funeral, but I'll send my letter of approval."
Random Eavesdropping Bystander: "BANG BANG"
By Dolorita
Bang Bang
the sound you here when a trigger is pulled

By Audre
Bang Bang
some saying for lame scene kids.
bang bang usually includes andy warhol guns on their myspace backrounds with hearts and guns and bangy type shit

By Evy
Bang Bang
that is the school shooter coming to kill you well it is school so i would assume he is just doing you a favor you should probably go out and thank him


You: Shit that white kid I bullied is back.
Friend: Shit? I think you mean no school.
You should thank him.
You: You are right.
Ima go thank him.

You: Thanks for getting me out of school.
Shooter: BANG BANG

Friend: Shit, he actually left.
By Gustie
Bang Bang
The process of playing shoot em' up videos games with friends

Hey Chris, do you want to bang bang tonight or will you get marcia'd?
By Allx
Bang Bang
A phrase that idiotic scene and emo kids put in all their stupid profiles. Usually placed along with a poorly cropped, sparkling 9mm pistol, possibly with some sort of annoyingly colored, bright liquid coming out of the barrel.

Found in the signiture of a Darkstarlings user's profile: "Bang bang baby".
By Jessica