Define Bape Meaning

n. Abreviation for "Bathing Ape"

"Bathing Ape" (aka BAPE) is a Japanese clothing company founded by designer Nigo in Tokyo, Japan in 1993. Nigo incorporated simian/gorilla images with hip-hop fashions to create clothes and accessories, as well as other items such as action-figurines. Bape was popularized in North America by icons such as Pharrell Williams (N.E.R.D) and continues to grow.

Damn, where can i get some bape
By Kalli
short for "Bathing Ape".

clothing company founded by Nigo. made popular by such celebrities as Pharell Williams (Neptunes, N.E.R.D.).

(bapes): the air force one looking shoes by the bathing ape company. also called: bape sta.

yo dogg, where'd you get those Bapes at?

Hazard in Burlingame, homie!
By Blondell

By Lucinda
A Played out Brand by Nigo from Japan, rocked by wangsters and hypebeast. Copied Nikes AF-1's (which are now also played because of bape's replica "Bape-Stas".)

Wangster: "Yo Yo check it out, i went down to new york, and got me a new fitty cent album, souljah boy album and some Bape hoodies and shoes yow!"

Normal Person: "Faggot, your whack ass style wont get you anywhere, face it your a normal person tryina play tough"
By Doralyn
1. word used to describe anything incredibly over-hyped.

2. word used to define clothing incredibly unappealing to the eyes.

a: look at that guy with sb paris's!

b: damn, thats just a waste of money...

a: yeah, hella bape.
By Norean
A former "cool" clothing brand.

Died out because loser rap artists and dumb white people wore it. Idiots from American and Gaijin who listen to "I THINK I'M TURNING JAPANESE" by the Vapors too much.

It's not even cool in Japan anymore, it hasn't been cool for the last 5 years.

People in America need to get a clue about fashion. America's fashion is years behind European and Asian fashion.

As a Japanese person, I laugh at all these newjacks trying to act cool in their "has been" fashion.

Please I had this shit a long time ago.

You: Look at me in my Bape rainbow hoodie which costs 500 and my shoes that costs 200!!

Me: Baka gaijin ::shakes head::
By Pavla

By Alexine
Short for bum-rape. But specifically a homosexual practice.

By Fredelia

I got me a bape yesterday -soulger boi
By Cornie

"Damn, she gave the bape." or "Wow, that was some powerful bape."
By Corette