Define Ben Meaning

an amazing boy. he is your best friend and you love him. he can make you smile about pretty much anything and all the time. ben is also a very sexual person. but he will always make sure you are alright with it. ben can make you feel so much better. ben will call you beautiful or gorgeous and he makes you feel special. he remembers things you say and often will crack an old inside joke between you and him. ben can make your day with just one conversation. ben also gives amazing HUGS :)

ben: hey beautiful

you: haha hey.

girl 1: did ben just call you beautiful? god your lucky hes so cute.

girl 2: haha yea we're kinda really good friends.
By Risa
an amazingly sweet and caring man. he will always be there for you, especially when you need him. he is extremely cute, and is the person you need to keep in your life forever. not many people know him, but if you do, you're one of the luckiest people alive. he's adorable, funny, caring, and just all around an amazing dude. he has low self esteem, but there is no need when you're a ben. he's a definite keeper.

'did you see that guy?'
yeah, he's a total ben.'
By Doralyn
Tall and handsome, with a humble confidence. Extremely attractive, but doesn't know it. Good with his hands and does things in a particular "Ben" kind of way: sexy and with finesse. Shockingly witty but also gentle, kind, and generous. Men want to be like him. He could even turn a straight man gay. He thinks women don't notice him, but they do.

In the bedroom, Ben's main concern is to please his woman. He's passionate and very good at what he does. But he also knows when it's time to let his woman know who's boss and he takes control at just the right moment.

His eyes are the most striking blue. They pull you in for the most passionate kisses that never disappoint.

Damn, I need some more Ben in my life.
By Kylynn
shy, cute, amazing, innocent.

hes not mean at all, its impossible.
bestest kid ever

that kids ben as.
By Letty
an amazing guy. he usually makes this girl happy and flirts alot. ben is extremely cute and anyone would be lucky to have him.

man i love ben.
By Ros
he is a bot at fortnite

By Dorothea
The best boy you could ever have,gives the best hugs,amazing eyes,every moment with him is the best,he is crazy but in a funny way,really sweet.

Ben is the best boyfriend you could ever have.
By Gloriana
i have no words he is the best person you will ever meet and when you do meet him you will love him until the day you die and i promise that he is just the worlds greatest boyfriend and the the boy i will one day marry.

wow you are soo luck you have ben Simpson as a boyfriend
By Beverie

By Marris
a word used to mean "having lots of friends" he is amazing at virtually everything and is very smart.

"that kid ben is so cool"
By Tabatha