Define Best Practices Meaning

Best Practices
A phrase primarily used by technologists or tech companies to describe what it is that they alone do and recommend. Contrary to its seeming meaning, "best practices" are ill-defined and constantly changing, even within a single organization.

"This presentation will provide you with best practices, as defined by me and, probably, Malcom Gladwell."
By Sephira
Best Practice
An invented term by corporate management to describe one person's solution to a work task or process as 'revolutionary' or so unique that one is required to share this 'practice' with others at work.

The politically correct and corporate accepted term used to require folks to gather together in a time wasting meeting so the expenditures can be justified to senior management.

The agenda for tomorrow's meeting is to share best practices.
By Arleen
Best Practices
This phrase is most commonly used by larger public institutions and corporations to describe what they believe to the best way of doing a particular task or providing a particular service. The phrase assumes that there is one best way to do something all the time and in any given situation. It is unclear if "Best Practices" is based on empirical research or if it is just some employee or middle-manager's armchair theory of what works best. In short, " Best Practices" is basically someone's set of guidelines for doing something. However the term "Best Practices" sounds more professional and has an air of authority and legitimacy to it that was lacking in the word "guidelines".

Project Manager: "I have to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for the CIO of our company"

Co-worker: Have you consulted the Best Practices PDF for giving PowerPoint presentations?"
By Vin
Best Practice
You're an idiot if you're not doing at least that

Every idiot knows that less form fields is a best practice
By Angelica