Define Big Body Meaning

Big Body
opposite of a compact car. a full size or wide body SUV/car.

By Lissa
Big Body
my 78 caprice classic rollin on 15's not 20's and a stout 350 floor shifter 3 inch exaust and 3.73 posi

damn man check dude in the big body hes white and its rollin on 15's but its tight and it sound good as a motherfucker
By Jonis
Big Body
someone that is very annoying, or always in the way. Or that is fat. Also, large items that are in the way.

Me: she is in my way
friend: I know right! Her big body self.
By Marijo
Big Body
Used to describe a person that is very muscular/buff or well built.

Yo Roys been working out. Hes big body now!
By Scarlett
Big Body
A large bodied Car. Most commonly from the late 70s and Early 80s.

1979 Mercury Marquis Brougham (for example)

Yo, homes. Have you seen my big body yet? It hauls with it's 302 V8.
By Dian
Big Body
A high ticket priced fully loaded foreign sport utility automobile that has a minimum chassis length of 112" with a ground clearance of at least 9" equipped with all wheel drive and terrain adjustable air suspension.

Oh he just purchased the new Range Rover but its not the sport Its a big body(HSE). "Big Body Benz" aka a fully loaded G wagon.
By Maribeth
Big Body
A person that is very buff weighting over 230 pounds or higher a big body is usually very strong and has a very big dick

Guy: damn you see that nigga over there Guy 2: yea that nigga big body i ain't fuckin with him
By Arabela
Big Body
When one is very large or muscular.

Wow! N’qwon is very big body .
By Eddi
Big Body

Sami and Hailey are the biggest bodies.

Biggest bodies- plural of big body
By Beulah
usually in mine and my friend lily's language it means fat like a fat person.... lol

our friend "Frank Tha TANK" I mean come on guys dont yu think tha name explains enough... lol nah but fa real he's definately rockin a BIG BODY..
I was talkin mess to this one chick and my homegurl lily said I should chill because big body might sit on me!!!
By Gypsy