Define Bill Meaning

1.something that must be payed
2.short for william
3.slang for $1
4.slang for $100

1.Hey is you going to pay your bill.
2.What it do Bill?
3.Hey cuh you got a dollar bill i can get.
4.Them Nikes cost over a bill.
By Maressa
1.a draft of a proposed law presented for approval to a legislative body
2.a piece of legal tender;money
3.a statement of costs or charges
4.a kickname for a person usually named william

1.The bill became a law.
2. I have a $20 bill left.
3. My parents grounded me after they saw my cell phone bill.
4. Bill is being an idiot today!
By Melantha
World's sexiest man, all the girls want him. Very athletic, awesome at all sports. Very brave, not scared of anything or anyone.

billl is very legendary
By Roberta

"Man i saw this chick the other night man she was looking bill!!"
By Dorothee
short for the term billy badass...refers to people who overachieve or work too hard when the time is not cases like this you are "billing out"..a person is also a bill if they walk around like they're a tough kid with their chest a hardass...

Roger billed out in football today because he tackled me when it wasn't necessary just to try to impress the coaches so he could get playing time.
By Mahala
A scouse slang term for Boxers, briefs=bobs

Person 1-do you where bills or bobs?
person 2-errr, bills you?
person 1-I wear my own
By Marleah
to be alone or by yourself, or your boxer shorts on me bill
2.i have just ripped me bills
By Raquela
To coerce someone into participating in an activity by simply saying "alright let's go" or "you're coming". Such tactics may only work on the weak-hearted or non-confrontational people. Do not try this strategy on someone with a short fuse. This path may result in a swollen lip. The term is derived from ancient Greece, were the philosopher Plato used his strength in the area of rhetoric and persuasive speech to talk a young man into taking part in the town orgy. Historians and ancient Greece enthusiasts insist that this gentleman's name was Bill. However, according to dental records and carbon dating he went by William. To make the term more relative to modern times, it was changed to "billed" because "williaming" someone just sounds retarded.

Dude, I totally didn't want to come to this Goatse Gone Wild exhibition! I wish I wasn't such a vagina so y'all wouldn't bill me so much!
By Tabbi
Like "Jill' for guys or lesbians; "bill" is the female or gay male counter-part, referring to masturbation. "Bill' is a name that can be formed with the fingers of one hand. B-I-L-L.
Try it! The letters I mean! Not...well you can try that too. xD

"You still seeing Bill, or do you have a real boyfriend yet?"
By Niki

Oh man, someone should clean up that bill.
By Marchelle