Define Billy Eyelash Meaning

Billie Eyelash
Another meme-y way of saying Billie Eilish's name

Jay: Have you heard Billie Eyelash's new song?
Zoe: You mean Eilish?
Jay: No, isn't it Eyelash?
By Ronnie
Billie Eyelash
Someone who makes music for 14 year olds who want to be depressed

Hi i'm Billie Eyelash and you’re watching disney channel
By Tootsie
Billie Eyelash
just another local trying way too hard to be edgy and have deep lyrics.

dumb bitch: 'oh look its Billie Eyelash eating her third spider this week so edgy I'm s h o o k'

me: 'choke on that spider mUAH'
By Susan
Billie Eyelash

14 y old girl #1: OMG i'v bought new fake eyelashes!!1
14 y old girl #2: OMG from where??!?!??!
14 y old girl #1: From billie eyelash!!
14 y old girl #2:OMG lucky you!!
By Storm
Billie EyeLash
A sad emo bitch that makes sad songs and makes every 13 y o emo girl contemplate their life and makes everyone end up being emo and hating their parents or some shit

hey Billie EyeLash, no one likes you
By Flss
Billie Eyelashes
The hair around your brown eye aka butthole

Girl I’m boutta get my Billie Eyelashes waxed before the wedding
By Torie
Billy Eyelash
God is a woman and it's Billy Eyelash she deserves to be praised upon and have daily rituals made to satisfy her needs

Have you performed a ritual for Billy Eyelash yet?
By Marlie
Billie Eyelash

Tim: Ughh I hate Billie eyelash
Emo Girl: :O
By Marcelia
Billie Eyelash
The most infuriating way of saying Billie Eilish. Mostly used by Year 7.

Hannah: Have you hear Billie Eyelash's new song?
Jacob: This is why I have depression, Hannah.
By Joanie